Ronald Reagan: Live The Fantasy!

Republican Tinkerbell

The thoughtful press peepers at Media Matters For America [just typing it gives a tingle!] have detected a pattern in Republican affairs:  free-floating New Reagan naming, often not tied to any visible speaking skill or charisma.

Christie On A Stick! 

They run down the usual names named, your Palins, Rubios and the like, but several of the reborn seem to have escaped their view.

Lest we forget, some have imagined the mantel falling on Rubio’s leathery opponent, Charlie Crist.  Before his auditioning to become the Robert Byrd of the desert wastelands,  John McCain was considered amoung the Reagan Undead. Until he stumbled into a cracker history morass Virginia Governor Robert F. “Bob” McDonnell was seen, at least in Pat Robertson’s alternative universe, as Reaganesque. And South Korean hard man President Lee Myung-bak was Reagan walking until it was discovered voters didn’t thrill to the prospect of confrontation with the North.

But our favorite New Reagan of Today lives in South Africa:

zuma-dances.jpg  step forward President Zuma!

The South Shall Rise Again, & You Shall Pay

A monument to Confederate denial is rising again in Biloxi Mississippi, with 90% of the cost paid by federal and state taxpayers.

Cracker bitter-enders have rebuilt Beauvoir, Confederate President Jefferson Davis’s home destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, and are now working on the accompanying “presidential library,” completely destroyed by the storm.

Things To Come: Enough Pillars?                COURTESY BEAUVOIR The architectural rendering by Albert & Associates of Hattiesburg shows what the new Jefferson Davis Presidential Library and Museum will look like when completed in 2011 at Beauvoir in Biloxi.

The complex is run by the Mississippi branch of the Sons of Confederate War Veterans.  The Sons are a coven of cranks determined to put across their claim that the Civil War wasn’t about slavery, which has taken them into the nether worlds of  Lost Cause-ist racists, Black Confederate fetishists, and “heritage” activists who enjoy presenting creepy readings of history with much winking and nudging

We note with interest the revelation that Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama has slave owners in his ancestry. This news demonstrates an interesting irony with respect to contemporary multi-cultural American politics...For candidate Obama, the news is perhaps more complex since his African roots may link him to African tribes that traded their brothers and sisters into slavery.

  Obtuse Apologists

Nixon Now, Nixon Always

He’s Back!  nixon-spears.jpg

Pop strumpet Brittany Spears, wearing a saucy salute to our former leader:  will the fairytale like success of plucky outsider Ron Howard’s Frost/Nixon spark a new generation of Nixon loathing and remembrance?

We can only pray.


Another dreaming of riding the hoped for tidal wave of Nixon mania is the breathlessly awaited The Watchmen film.  The epic graphic novel features Nixon’s superhero sparked Vietnam victory, which then allows constitutional tinkering so he may go beyond two terms.


Reagan Scion Calls for Pissing Out of the Tent

Shape Up, Punks!  reagan-michael-pistol.png

Michael Reagan is taking a break from identyfying New Reagans in order to diss the post-catastropy Republican field.

” We are attaching ourselves to certain individuals, and as a result we have become a party of people and not a party of principles. We are Romney-ites, or Huckabee or Giuliani devotees, or McCain-ites, or supporters of Gov. Sarah Palin – when we need to be just plain Republicans…In the Balkans, warfare between factions was the status quo. As Republicans, if we continue to Balkanize and fail to unite, then fighting one another will be our party’s status quo.”

Stirring words from a man who upon his death compared Gerald Ford with Saddam Hussein.

From Nixon To Palin: Hugh & Crying

Hugh Hewitt: Leg Man?      palin-town-hall.jpg

Indomitable or perverse: You make the call.  Like his mentor Richard Nixon, former Nixon Library Executive Director Hugh Hewitt will not accept defeat.

His mash note to Mitt Romney couldn’t save the Latter Day Hope, and the next horse Hewitt chose to ride is faltering.

#1: He Lost  hewitt-romney.png

The Townhall impresario’s latest attempt to serve the cause and himself has stalled, with publishers so far rejecting his proposed   How Sarah Palin Won the Election … and Saved America  quickie book.