When Scions Attack: Camelot To Swallow

Hark, The Herald 

Just as America tries to work up enthusiasm for the 2nd generation of Romney office holders comes word from Massachusetts: someone still believes in Camelot.

Or what a marketable name and a possibly fractured field can do in a primary.

The open seat created by Barney Frank’s retirement has brought forth a Kennedy, preloaded with pap for the rubes.  Joseph P. Kennedy III has let it be known he feels a call to service, and he’s aghast at the nation’s bickering pols.

Vowing to rise above, young “3rd,” as no one calls him, has boldly called out  “partisan gridlock” [against it!].

With luck, we might enjoy a round of Hugo Chavez Baiting because of Kennedy’s father’s ties to the cancerous Comandante.

Last go round the nation was spared the indignity of Nixon offspring holding office from Long Island.  Now it falls to the voters of Massachusetts’ 4th to save the republic once again.

Reagan’s Boone Companions

Sure Knows How To Pickens  pickens-mania.JPG

Judging from the Death From Above wingnuts who inhabit its comment section, T. Boone Pickens’  “Pickens Plan” followers need a little less wind power.

The place is a haven for those stirred by the clarion call of

Where is Ronald Reagan when we need him?

But Reagan’s energy policies don’t seem to be the draw for this crowd.

The stirring question prompts “Terrence Abrams” to muse

“I’d like some of those jungle assassins to get another shot at Chavez. He is really bad news…”   what with the “Muslim extremist’s plans to keep moving terror troops to staging areas in Cental America.”

To which one “John Galt” replies:

“It sure was great when he sent that missile up Quadafy’s ass.”

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This   reagan-international-squadren2.JPG

From Stalin To Nixon

Hugo Your Way & I’ll Go Mine chavez-hugo-doll.jpg

Along with a Trotsky quoting fan of a 19th century slave holder, one of the joys of Venezuelan politics is the freakishly heterogeneous alliance of groups opposed to Hugo Chavez.

The broad span is demonstrated in a recent article where Venezuelan student leader Stalin González laments the alleged persecution of fellow campus caudillio Richard Nixon Moreno.

stalin-gonzalez.jpg Stalin & Nixon, Together At Last! nixon-richard-nixon-moreno.jpg