Nixon: Still Kicking

Especially Wack


They’ve had to surrender parts of the Nixon Presidential Library to ancient enemy the National Archives, they’ve seen their beloved Watergate exhibit trashed, but the Nixon bitter-enders still have some fight in them.

Coming Monday at the Nixon Library, the return of a particularly byzantine branch of the Nixon tree: a former Nixon aide claiming Watergate was but an elaborate scheme to install Teddy Kennedy as President, with a walk-on by youthful ingenue Hillary Clinton.

The details need not concern us here [trust me, it’s a stretch], it’s the spectacle of these lost battalions hoping against hope that over that next hill is the promised land.

It makes the Truman cult look normal by comparison.

The Nixonian event flogs a book which appeared in 2008 and promptly sank from view, the book’s blog remaining a dream unfulfilled.

If only they’d mobilized the awesome power of social media®!

The Specter That Haunted America

 Dexterous!    wc_vol18_ce903_sbt_alignement

We note with regret the political passing of the Philly Scrambler, Senator Arlen Specter.

Specter first came to public notice as a plucky Warren Commission staffer who explained the seeming inexplicable, the pattern of John F. Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connolly’s wounds, with what will go down The Ages as the “Single Bullet Theory,” unless The Ages inexplicably prefer “Magic Bullet Theory.”

Arlen Explains It All 

“SBT” clearly won the public’s heart, with countless homages in pop culture,       not least two bands carrying the name.

On Broken Wings * by Single Bullet  Theory Music

When Scions Attack: Third Generation Nixons & Carters Return to Haunt America

Meet Your New Overlords!

Hopes for a dynasty-free nation soared with the sputtering end of George W. Bush’s administration and the announced retirement  of the Kennedy’s last office holder.

Over The Shoulder, Out Of Reach

But new threats emerge.

Jimmy Carter’s Grandson has been elected to the Georgia State Senate, and Richard Nixon’s Grandson aspires to do in a Long Island Democratic Congressman if the Republican nomination can be secured.

The drums have grown silent on George P. “little brown one” Bush’s inevitable rise to greatness, but all this can’t but help build the tired stench.

What’s Under The Tree For You & For Me? …bush-family-christmas-card-60s.JPG

George W. Bush: Freedom, At A Price

Freedom Sold Separately!

National Treasure [& long time PresidentsRUs favorite] Al Kamen fills a Friday Washington Post column with updates on the George W. Bush Presidential Library’s exciting “Freedom Registry.”

As faithful readers are aware, the Registry lists donors to the Bush Library project, starting at the low low price of just $50.

Now Kamen reports it will not merly list of names on a wall, or inscribe them on a brick, but will entail the hallmark of late 20th century technology: interactivity!

Using the latest technologies, this innovative registry will be housed in a specially designed kiosk and will feature an interactive listing of those chosen for this special recognition


 Never has self selection been more  meaningful.

Fries With That?


Bush donors are getting off easy.  The bandit princes of the Young America’s Foundation are soaking the rubes for a thousand dollars, in return for which their name is inscribed on the “Freedom Wall” tucked away out of sight on the Reagan ranch property.  Why these believers in Reagan’s Berlin Wall shattering Mighty Voice would build a wall is unclear.