Nancy Reagan: History’s Handmaiden

America’s Widow® In Myth & Legend    

What can’t we recall about Eternal Former First Lady Nancy Reagan?

A chronicle of her death foretold!

Barack Obama’s shocking reference to Nancy’s astrology interests.

How Nancy pioneered fashion grifting, clearing the path for Sarah Palin.

With the Reagan Library running out of things to say, Nancy came to the rescue with a show about the many fancy dresses she somehow acquired during her Washington years.

Nancy’s Sacramento Legacy: California’s homeless Governors.

How the Reagan Library, Nancy Reagan Impresario, managed to bring cult religion to a 9/11 memorial.

When Nancy paused from Reagan monument unveiling to pile up more cash for the Reagan Library, the most grotesquely overstuffed of our nation’s presidential mausoleums.

That time Nancy teamed up with a noted Congressional whorehound to get Ronnie’s statue into the Capitol building on the double.

When she worked to squeeze out naysayers, or anyone independent, from the Reagan centennial Commission.

How the Reagan Library found room for Nancy’s dresses, notes from Ronnie and a god damn Boeing 707, but somehow can’t cover Iran-Contra because it lacks “freshness.”

Her Saudi diamond trove.

How love of her life Ronald Reagan was bonking Doris Day in the runup to marrying a pregnant Nancy.

That time “Just Say No” nostalgia failed to put John McCain over the top.

When they photo shopped Nancy’s head  into the dedication of the Reagan aircraft carrier. 


When the Reagan Library lost all that stuff.

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Read All About It: Republican Teleprompter Tall Tales

 Demand Your Prompt Refund!

 What with the tedious actual issues involved in federal budget fights, don’t we all need time to laugh?Step forward, Representative Scott WomackScreen shot 2010-12-12 at 17.07.38   , sponsor of a World Net Daily dog-whistler to save the American taxpayer by defunding White House teleprompters.

Now tragically withdrawn, the bill still serves a host of uses, reminding the faithful that Obama can’t really talk good without mechanical assistance, that unlike his rough-hewn predecessor Obama is a fancy boy fraud.  

All You Can 8/28: The Beckoning

Rally For Our View  
No doubt we can now look forward to the many conservative stalwarts revising and extending their complaints at Obama’s grandiose event staging.

History didn’t deter them at the time, but we Americans are an optimistic people.


First In War, First In Peace, & Not On The Tip Of Sarah Palin’s Tongue 

Twenty-Twelve Dream Twixie Sarah Palin continues making the rounds of the Fox News Legends she now resides among, only to be caught out by Glen “I Know It When I See It” Beck, of all people.With the spunk and verve that have stunned America, Palin managed to fumble through answering history’s biggest softball:Who is your favorite Founding Father?

   The Secret Word Is “Washington”  

Sarah Palin: Catching Up With The Reagan Legend

Diet Deficit Delight reagan-burger-mcdonalds.jpg

Sarah Palin continues rummaging around the Reagan legend cupboard, searching for a usable past.

She fished up a gem in her Thanksgiving day ramblings, quoting the voice from beyond that


all great change in America begins at the dinner table.”

What change did the master of folksy smarm propose back in those halcyon days?

His salute to domestic furniture’s decisive role immediately preceded a speech section where Reagan sought to mobilize today’s youth, calling on them to fink out their parents if insufficiently “American.”

…If your parents haven’t been teaching you what it means to be an American, let ’em know and nail ’em on it

What one American did to the American diet is clear: Reagan helped further degrade our already tenuous relation of food to nutrition.

The legend is true: Reagan’s administration tried to pass off delicious corn syrupy ketchup as a vegetable until laughed out of town. But they also killed studies of American’s diets, and abolished the office issuing diet and nutrition guidelines.

And Reagan was of course the Father of Frozen Food Day.