Bill Clinton: Stimulated!

A Bridge In The 21st Century  Bridge photo

Excitement builds in Little Rock, where the Wall Street Journal reports federal stimulus money has been allotted to finally fix the old bridge picturesquely decaying by the

Clinton Presidential Library.  Sure some say the Library promised to repair the bridge to secure the site, but that’s water somewhere when it comes to tourism promotion!

Building For Bush: They’re Just Not That Into Him

Behold A Pale House*  model

From ArchiTakes via the Dallas News parkcitiesblog comes exciting Bush Library news: we [may] now have an inkling of what the already storied George W. Bush Presidential Consequences Corral will look like.                                                                    bush-library-time-of-great-consequence.jpg

Or maybe not, but in any event Bush architect Robert Stern brings out the saucy at ArchiTakes:

Stern has just the right attributes to be his fellow Yale alum’s architect: conservativism’s DNA-inscribed commitment to tradition, and an inability to refuse any commission, no matter how unsavory…Characteristically, his new gothic buildings will substitute false antiquity for the real thing… Stern’s dismissal of what is authentic in favor of make-believe meshes nicely with his past service on the Disney Company’s board of directors…While demolition of an older building to make way for a larger new one is business as usual in New York, Stern’s replacement is distinguished by how much it looks like an escapee from one of the postmodern development ghettos just across the Hudson…Stern has proven quite capable of doing harm without tearing anything down.


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