Rick Santorum Isn’t Coming After Your Birth Control

…But Happy To Let The States Do It!



The Washington Post explores new frontiers of letting presidential candidates make up their own history, giving Rick Santorum an opportunity to fuzz up his campaign against birth control.

Melinda  Henneberger in her fantisy feminist pose She The People spoke to the man himself after the fringe radicals of Salon pointed to his views on sex [against it, unless in the right hands].

Henneberger has Santorum identifying as Catholic, so of course he’s against birth control, before moving on to the Supreme Court’s Griswold ruling which got the states out of your bedroom.

It’s a philosophical question you see; Santorum feels the Supremes overreached.  He’s only for leaving the states alone to do as they please, what could be the harm?

Henneberger then drags in cartoon Fox liberal Alan Colmes, who apparently bungled a reference to Santorum’s fetishising his dead son, to end on a “how dare you” note to those who would attack this good man.

“ I’d feel silly pretending to believe he’s going to be even metaphorically riffling through medicine chests”

She may write, but she isn’t paying attention.

Back in the day, all thoughtful folk knew Ronald Reagan couldn’t possibly be elected with all his right wing baggage.  The road to hell begins in pretending as though the crazies won’t act on their impulses.

When Scions Attack: Camelot To Swallow

Hark, The Herald 

Just as America tries to work up enthusiasm for the 2nd generation of Romney office holders comes word from Massachusetts: someone still believes in Camelot.

Or what a marketable name and a possibly fractured field can do in a primary.

The open seat created by Barney Frank’s retirement has brought forth a Kennedy, preloaded with pap for the rubes.  Joseph P. Kennedy III has let it be known he feels a call to service, and he’s aghast at the nation’s bickering pols.

Vowing to rise above, young “3rd,” as no one calls him, has boldly called out  “partisan gridlock” [against it!].

With luck, we might enjoy a round of Hugo Chavez Baiting because of Kennedy’s father’s ties to the cancerous Comandante.

Last go round the nation was spared the indignity of Nixon offspring holding office from Long Island.  Now it falls to the voters of Massachusetts’ 4th to save the republic once again.

Barry Landau: America’s Presidential Historian & Snitch To The Stars

American Dream 

Sprightly blogger ITALKYOUBORED goes further for America, recalling still more detail on accused presidential document thief Barry Landau‘s previous encounters with the law.

Longtime readers will remember Barry’s starring role in shyster/fixer Roy Cohn’s failed effort to tag Jimmy Carter chief of staff Hamilton Jordan as a cocaine fiend.

Italky digs deep, coming up with further details of the episode which point to Landau as more instigator than reluctant witness.

Jordan’s alleged indiscretion prompted a semi-interminable Special Counsel investigation, which the balance-seeking missiles of the press somehow equated with the actual crimes Iran-Contra, bundling the disparate events into a compelling case of we-don’t-careto-know-whatour-bettersare-up-to.

So the Independent Counsel’s got killed, and the Republic staggered on.

Landau remains in a heap of trouble.