Ronald Reagan: Saints Preserve Us!

Hallowed Be Thy Name

Having already made Ronald Reagan the equivalent of  Roman emperor, Republicans may go the next logical step and proclaim him a god.

A resolution proposed for the Republican National Committee Winter Meeting attempts to tie Republican candidates to a series of  ten conditions.  Reagan’s name is evoked five times in his role as prophet, role-model and seer, with pols instructed to agree or be gone.

Parties have a long history of demarcating the in and the out, with mixed outcomes.

Lenin laid down the law in the Communist International with “The Twenty One Conditions.”



  Results were mixed.   File:Tov lenin ochishchaet.jpg

Child Safe, Fact Free

Kids Explain The Darnedest Things

John Emerson’s Social Design Notes blog studies recent self-explanations by museum and presidential library creators, and sums up the their evil work:

I keep seeing this trend: stories of monuments and memorials sold on infantilism, using the lens of “childhood” to conjure an air of authenticity and gravitas.

Emerson quotes the Washington Post on presidential library market maker Ralph Appelbaum’s Nigeria project:

What does it take to make a Nigerian child?’ It’s an unanswerable question, but it provided the necessary aha moment that made it all come together, a positive theme that finesses some of the philosophical problems of a presidential library in a country riven by corruption, violence, and religious, ethnic, linguistic and economic divisions.”

Stiff Competition

Applebaum’s firm is the American equivilant of Lenin’s embalmers touching down in Angola and Vietnam, loosing upon the world our packaged solutions for immortality.