The Republican Warren Women


McNaughton’s Group

Special thanks to the eagle eyes at Wonkette, who’ve spotted a big one.

Extraordinarily cheezeball artist Jon McNaughton has brought forth a gathering of greats, as the ghosts of presidents past hover around sullen, stand-offish looking Barack Obama, variously annoyed or aghast at his literal TRAMPLING ON THE CONSTITUTION!

McNaughton is the kind of crank who rambles along in incoherent Founderspeak for numbered paragraphs, passive aggressively concluding:

“The information is historical. If it is not familiar to you – Google it.

Cramming all these figures into the frame seems to have skewed McNaughton’s perspective.  Small but perfectly formed James Madison is so upset at Obama’s boot-heel to our liberties that he’s bent over pleading, but appears to be almost Obama’s height.   The Forgotten Man is a giant seated on a toy town bench. Such is the occasion that Franklin Roosevelt walks.

McNaughton’s painting doesn’t leave much to chance, featuring ominous clouds, flags at half staff, and an accompanying video lush with  piano chords of doom.

Cooling With Coolidge

You Don’t Say coolidge-phone.JPG

Just as they were getting all contemporary with a blog, comes word that the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Library & Museum’s hours will be cut back.

The Library is housed in the Northampton Massachusetts public library, which is making general cutbacks.

Tales of the Golden West

Masked Man Meets Enigma nixon-lone-ranger.JPG

Is Nixon selling him stamps?

They may not answer that question, but the Los Angeles Autry National Center is opening a what appears to be a thorough survey of Presidential Cowboy mythology. coolidge-cowboy.jpg

It’s all fun, although while providing a role model for John McCain, roosevelt-t-pistol.jpg Theodore Roosevelt seems roosevelt-t-rifle.jpg to carry the dress-up further than seems healthy.