Orly Taitz’s Royalty-Free Constitution


 Orly Orly Incoming!   

Obama citizenship denialist Orly Taitz’s California Senate campaign has birthed an advertisment, presumably to gussy up her crackpot image. Our Orly’s countless legal battles to oust the President have come up against deficits of law and facts, so she’s taken the proven path of sectarians everywhere: running for office to get her message across.

And what prime crazy it is! At some point in this delusional campaign cavalcade she veers from parochial California concerns to return to her one true love, Barack Obama, denouncing his Founder Tramplin‘ ways.

Taitz’s fanciful legal reasoning serves her well here, as she appears to borrow  a copyrighted image of Obama literally torching the Constitution from the sparkling world of Jon McNaughton, the Thomas Kinkade of “constitutional” cranks.

Wouldn’t Dewy, Pixie-Infested Glens Be More Soothing? 

I fear the heat of battle may be causing Taitz to lose perspective. Her web site boasts:


…over an article showing she isn’t even the lead Republican in the race.  And  she’s taken to shopping for activist judges to knock her opponents off the ballot, like certain Chicago Thugs we know.

Giants Steps

Where Did The Time Go? bush-9-11-book-reading.jpg

Part of the entertainment value of thumb-suckers musing over the Bush Administration’s “Legacy” is who asks the questions. It’s our old friends and perpetual whipping boys, The Media!

bush-model-of-iraq-war-end-declartion.jpg A part of society which for the most part went unquestioningly into battle in Iraq, and which let Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford go to their graves as demigods, is in charge of the searching questions in the last months.

And don’t think Bush’s people aren’t watching. Dick Cheney’s Lincoln/Truman lonely visionary talking points have been consistent over time, with Gerald Ford thrown in on occasion. The most recent example came in a follow up to his “So?” interview dismissing popular opinion over the war. Cheney claims that nice things said during Ford’s funeral week justify the Nixon pardon, which also means Iraq will look great in three decades.

“…he demonstrated, I think, great courage and great foresight, and the country was better off for what Jerry Ford did that day. And 30 years later, everybody recognized it…And I have the same strong conviction the issues we’re dealing with today — the global war on terror, the war in Afghanistan and Iraq — that all of the tough calls the president has had to make, that 30 years from now it will be clear that he made the right decisions, and that the effort we mounted was the right one, and that if we had listened to the polls, we would have gotten it wrong.”

Destiny’s Darlings fordcheneyrumsfeld.jpg

Lake Huckabee!




flintstones-fishing.jpg “I would love to see a President Huckabee flintstones-swim.jpg

…because if our president were named ‘Huckabee,”

how bad could anything really seem?… It’d be as if

the entire country was animated by Hanna Barbera.”

Stephen Colbert

From the Associated Press comes word that Colbert’s vision is already being realised in Huckabee’s [and Clinton’s] hometown of Hope Arkansas, with a lake named for Huckabee. mike-and-jane-huckabee-lake.JPG

Holding Action Until President Colbert?

“Woodrow Wilson’s former home, located at 1705 Hampton Street enjoys the dual distinction of being the only house his parents ever owned and South Carolina’s only presidential site.”

Wilson lived in South Carolina for four years, and his home’s owners plan to spend two million dollars restoring the home.

colbert-flag.jpgMeanwhile South Carolina native Stephen Colbert continues to tease the nation with coy answers to self-generated questions about a presidential run. After putting off Jon Stewart on Tuesday’s Daily Show [“Hold on, mount rush me,”] he announced on his own show. Sort of – got to sell books.