Reagan ’08: Swooning in St. Paul


Mount Up & Ride   reagan-2008-rnc-tribute.JPG

It’s come to this: Vaseline-lensed Ronald Reagan nostalgia mobilized as the bridge between the today’s grim reality and yesterday’s failed successor, who spun tales about the Republican nominee to be.

Right Said Fred   thompson-mccain-prone.JPG

bush-2008-convention-remote.JPG  President Bush managed to scrape up a satellite link to the Republican convention, Reagan weaved his magic from beyond the grave, and then spirits sank in the jowly presence of one of the party’s legion of New Reagan burnouts,  Fred Thompson.

What was the source of Reagan’s special magic? He was a Maverick!

…the media despised him,  they called him an outsider.”
The convention video also pointed to President From The Future Reagan prophesying McCain’s provocative “Country First” slogan,  as demonstrated by jaunty hat usage while serving stateside in the great war.reagan-2008-convention.JPG

king-john-cnn.jpg   CNN’s thoughtful John King swooned that “for any American watching it was a nostalgic trip back in time,” building on the great media tradition of getting all dreamy at the mention of Reagan.

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