Accessing The Bush Years: Early Returns

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The George W. Bush Presidential Library of the future promises it will explore “A Time Of Great Consequence,” and every day we learn a little more about the joy Bush stored up for us.


Today’s delight is a Boston Globe report that while Bush was frustrated in his mad dream of sinking your Social Security money into the stock market, he did manage to destroy one big pile of cash.

We now know that the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, the shaky entity standing behind your pension, bet the farm last year on the stock market. The losses are still coming in, just as a new round of pension plans collapse into the PBGC’s withered arms.

Bush’s Commerce Pause

A Stretch  norris-chuck-action-jeans.jpg

The Houston Press’s Richard Connelly directs our gaze to the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library, where the Living Legend ex-president prepares to honor one of our nation’s heroes.

Bush is to present the super-swanky “McLane Leadership in Business Award” to the ever rugged Chuck Norris.

Just what contributions  Mr. Norris made to commerce is unclear in the press release, but he has recently floated his possible candidacy for “President of Texas.”

And who needs an excuse to slap up an Invasion USA poster, with the chopper-menaced* Capitol Dome! invasion-usa-chuck-norris.jpg*Not seen in actual film!

New Reagan Alert:Destiny Rides! History On Horseback fort_20090330_c1_329265a691

Dynamic Gal-On The-Go Meg Whitman may run for California Governor, somehow transjiggering her eBay CEO experience into the state’s salvation. How better to communicate prosperous just folksiness than to pose with a horse, resembling a previous governor.

Tragically, it isn’t her horse.

Bush’s SMU: Now Paler To Serve You Better!



Cool Place?               

The George W. Bush Presidential Library home-to-be at Southern Methodist University sees the facility as a boon to fund raising and prestige boosting, and of course removing the stain of JFK’s assassination.].

But it may not help on another front: SMU has always had a reputation as a comfortable place for the comfortable, and now the SMU Daily Campus reports the university has gotten steadily whiter over the last decade.

Enrollment of black students declined by more than 40 percent. Hispanic enrollment fell by 20 percent.”


The always in the know Mike Allen reports former President George W. Bush has settled on a format for his upcoming memoirs.  Allen reports that:

“…his book will revolve around 12 tough decisions he made as president. Planners for his presidential library in Dallas are considering a similar format.”

Making Richard Nixon’s Six Crises look like nothin!

Bush spoke in Canada, giving us a little taste of the torture apologetics to come:

“I want people to understand what it was like to sit in the Oval Office and have them come in and say, ‘We have captured Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’ — this mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks, the alleged killer of a guy named Danny Pearl [who died] because he was simply Jewish — ‘and we think he has information on further attacks on the United States.’ I want to draw people in to that environment and let them determine what they would have done if their most important job was to protect the country.”

In the same appearance Bush claimed he’d be quiet about the Obama administration, but apparently “drawing comparisons” does not count as criticism.