Easter Parade

Game Face bush-bunny.jpg

Yet another holiday is wholly incorporated into the universal White House calendar.

The Clinton Library glommed onto the White House Easter Egg Roll, but holding it’s event a week earlier.

clinton-library-easter.jpg Giving us the disturbing image of Presidential Heads on Sticks.

But Clinton is merely following the proud tradition of other past Presidents who can’t let go of that

South Lawn feeling. bush-library-1999-eggs.jpg

In Crawford a “Western White House Easter Egg Roll” bush-banner-western-white-house-easter-egg-roll.jpg appropriating the event name appears to be a Bush fan effort, gathering tough Texans indoors this year and last.

Today’s actual event at the White House featured, as always in recent years. the most pointless of a pointless category:

Washington Nationals Giant Headed Presidential Mascots! bush-easter-presidential-heads.jpg