McNaughton’s Group

Special thanks to the eagle eyes at Wonkette, who’ve spotted a big one.

Extraordinarily cheezeball artist Jon McNaughton has brought forth a gathering of greats, as the ghosts of presidents past hover around sullen, stand-offish looking Barack Obama, variously annoyed or aghast at his literal TRAMPLING ON THE CONSTITUTION!

McNaughton is the kind of crank who rambles along in incoherent Founderspeak for numbered paragraphs, passive aggressively concluding:

“The information is historical. If it is not familiar to you – Google it.

Cramming all these figures into the frame seems to have skewed McNaughton’s perspective.  Small but perfectly formed James Madison is so upset at Obama’s boot-heel to our liberties that he’s bent over pleading, but appears to be almost Obama’s height.   The Forgotten Man is a giant seated on a toy town bench. Such is the occasion that Franklin Roosevelt walks.

McNaughton’s painting doesn’t leave much to chance, featuring ominous clouds, flags at half staff, and an accompanying video lush with  piano chords of doom.

All You Can 8/28: The Beckoning

Rally For Our View  
No doubt we can now look forward to the many conservative stalwarts revising and extending their complaints at Obama’s grandiose event staging.

History didn’t deter them at the time, but we Americans are an optimistic people.

Republican Re-Animator

Crime Seen Image Hosting by

Rick “Re-Animator” Barber triumphantly mobilized George Washington’s ghost in the Alabama 2nd House District campaign, and now our first Republican president has been summoned to the cause. 

Plus Holocaust victims!  


Over The Top don’t begin to describe it.  I think we know where Rick is going with this:

Lincoln Dies Again

Bart Speaks For The Nation 

Ford’s Theatre reopened this year after a vast fundraising and re-do, and they are going all out to mark Presidents Day Week:

Ladies & Gentlemen, Mr. Mark Russell!

Yes, the “comic” songster so lame that even PBS finally dropped him, tickling the ivories once more in Our Nation’s Capital.

Russell was cruelly mocked on The Simpsons “Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington”almost twenty years ago.   He was parodied as the entertainment for Lisa’s DC award banquet, Brother Bart groaning throughout.

This guy is awful!

It was a dead-on parody of Russell’s ghastly tunes    vaguely referencing politics without being in the slightest political.  His own publicists boast that “He began knowing little about politics…

The Russell case demonstrates perhaps the limits of satire.  Long after they’ve been called out by anyone knowing anything,  DC’s Unstoppables continue to roam the landscape, dropping triteness bombs.


What Would Lincoln Do?

This Christmas, Give The Gift Of Possible Copyright Infringement!   The Civil War in Four Minutes

In time for the holidays, the Abraham Lincoln Library is flogging their “Civil War In Four Minutes” on DVD for the low, low price of $12.99, or less than $4 per minute!

The brief animated film tells the history of Civil War battles and the collapsing Confederacy.   A version appeared on YouTube when the Library first opened, but got yanked for possible copyright infringement. civil-war.JPG

Now you may own this sacred tape, but must you go through the Lincoln Library itself?

Whack-A-Mole efforts to suppress online versions continue, so your only chances to celebrate the North’s triumph for free at home may be here, here,  here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.