Defending Bush’s Silence: Turning [to] Texas Blue

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Southern Methodist University faces trial this fall over a lawsuit challenging the University’s George W. Bush Library land acquisition.  The former president has been ordered to testify on his knowledge of SMU’s dealings, but is appealing.

In preparation for the case SMU has hired a prominent Democratic lawyer whose law firm funded the campaign of the judge hearing the case.  Her late husband devised Democratic party building plans benefiting the judge’s election as well.

Run Silent, Drill deep

Bush meanwhile is  harming any defense that he’s too busy to be deposed in the SMU lawsuit.  He recently found the time to travel to West Texas to accept his coveted membership in Midland’s  Petroleum Museum Hall of Fame, commemorating his various failed oil patch schemes prior to becoming president.

George W. Bush, Goner

Dallas Delights   Oh my fucking Christ....

 Vanity Fair explores the fascinating life of recent retiree George W. Bush.  His road to Calgary, the grim details of his dog-walking.

Best part?

We travel once more to foggy Central Europe, where a callow young president met grizzled veteran Vaclav Havel, passions swelled, and a vision of the Bush Presidential Center took form.

“He loves Vaclav Havel,” says former White House press secretary Dana Perino. “He told him, ‘When we’re up and running, I’d like to have you come write a book there.

The reality principal is introduced by former bushlibraryblog [on hiatus since 2007, and still ahead of Bush’s library blog!] empresario Benjamin Johnson.

“Vaclav Havel is not going to come to the fucking Bush center!” scoffs Benjamin Johnson.

George Bush On Open Government: Help Yourself!

 Brave Front    bush-library-time-of-great-consequence.jpg

Former President George W. Bush tells the Dallas Morning News that Bush Library donors want to remain secret. But he generously invites the paper to ask these unknown soldiers of the Bush Revolution how come.

If they can be found out. The ex president refuses to look into their hearts, but invites the paper to take a leap:

as far as I’m concerned, I want to honor the desires of the donors. You have to ask donors why they don’t want their names disclosed, but there’s a lot who don’t.“  

Congress may force the issue. A Bill passed the House last session to force donor disclosure, and the Senate may act on it soon

Big Time In Little Rock

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 The Clinton Library lecture series continues its cavalcade of the unspeakable and the available.


The latest?  Beloved TV doctor, “Dr” Phil! 

Phil brings his patented bullshit and charm to the Clinton School of Public Service’s leaders of tomorrow Monday.

The School’s distinguished  speakers series are now available on line in tiny boxes, and who is the most watched video crumpet?

Public servant, whore-hound,  springer-nothing-but-the-truth.jpg seeker of truth, Jerry Springer defies category.


Industrial Fans Complete The Dungeon Look   springer-fans.jpg

Texas Land Rush To Judgement

 Behind Every Great’s Library Is A Crime? SMU: Home of the George W. Bush Presidential Center

George W. Bush’s possible testimony in a land dispute over the future “Bush Center” at Southern Methodist University has the guys suing SMU giddy with excitement. Their lawsuit claims condo owners  were ripped off by SMU because word of the Bush Presidential Library’s coming was withheld.  The former condo owners have gotten a Dallas judge to order the ex president’s testimony on a 2002 meeting where the prospective library began to take shape.

Bush’s lawyers say they will appeal, and SMU says there is nothing to see here.  But plaintiff Gary Vodicka told the Texas lawyer blog that vagueness and memory loss by former White House counsel and failed Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers persuaded the judge that only Bush can bring light onto the darkness.

“Bush’s friends and advisers, by trying to protect him in their depositions, set him up for his deposition

Larry Friedman represents another party to the suit, and he hears History’ footsteps,  destiny’s drumbeat, or something.

SMU’s president thought the Bush Library would somehow expunge the stain of Kennedy’s assassination from Dallas. But Friedman says the suit is huge, that the judge’s order is..

the most important historic event in Dallas since the JFK assassination.

Stain Removal Resistant  kennedy-wanted-poster.jpg