Holiday Market

Having already provided the gifts which say “I Love the 70s” for Christmas carter-chistmas-in-plains.jpg

and the Fourth of July carter-the-hornets-nest-a-novel-of-the-revolutionary-war.jpg, Jimmy Carter is bringing his word wrangling magic to Mothers Day with a book about, um, his Mom.

A Remarkable Mother hits the shelves April 1. carter-a-remarkable-mother.jpg

The Truman Show [Trial]

Witness for the Prosecution truman-stalin.jpg

truman-mushroom-cloud-couple.gif The impetuous youth of Long Island’s Ward Melville High School are taking Harry Truman to trial, charged with crimes against humanity for the Hiroshima bombing.


Joseph Stalin is among the witnesses summoned from beyond to make the case against Ol’ Harry.

The defense bizarrely offers intimidating the Russians as part of Truman’s bomb drop alibi, usually a point offered by Truman critics. [Or un-slick Truman apologists like this Enola Gay pilot-related site.]

Crime Seen truman-mushroom-cloud.jpg

Bushie Tales

Father Figures bushes-portrait.jpg

Production looms for Oliver Stone’s long awaited George W. Bush biopic “W.”

The story of Bush’s uncertain rise to greatness, the title has shifted from “Bush” in the course of preproduction, “Young Bush” apparently having been rejected.

w-the-movie-desk-top.jpg How they deal with the already existing “W: The Movie” is unclear.

Additional casting has been announced, with daddy Bush to be played by James Cromwell. Right wing whining about left wing Cromwell has already begun from people apparently untroubled by his roles as homicidal police chiefs and Kiefer Sutherland’s loathsome dad.

But the standout casting remains Elizabeth Banks, bush-laura-elizabeth-banks.jpg as the Laura Bush you never knew.

Rough Ride

Book ‘Em! roosevelt-t-pointing.jpg

Their dream of a massive paperless Teddy Roosevelt Presidential Library has run into trouble, and plucky North Dakota may beat them in the race to debut a presidential library with no actual documents. Now the Theodore Roosevelt Association is having trouble keeping what papers it owns.

roosevelt-t-police-award.gif The former acting Executive Director of the Association has been charged with stealing a Roosevelt letter, and with forging a document saying it was his. Edward Renehan’s attorney appears to be leaning towards an insanity defense.

roosevelt-t-edward-j-renehan-jr.jpg Renehan is doing his part to get off. His blog links to his TR book, roosevelt-the-lions-pride.jpg but his bio has no mention of working for the TR Association. It does share that

“I was diagnosed as bipolar (aka, manic depressive) during the summer of 2007. This is a progressive biochemical disorder from which I’ve evidently suffered for a very long time, perhaps even since childhood, and which had reached a grave critical mass in recent years. I am currently under treatment, on meds that my doctors and I are fine-tuning, and I am slowly learning how to cope more efficiently and constructively than I have in the past. This, too, is a part of my journey.”

A March 27th blog entry intriguingly titled “My Only Answer” shares memories of his childhood:

” I lay on the cot masturbating while reading a thick paperback containing the complete editions of a bawdy Victorian magazine: The Pearl.”

and plaintively asks “Medicating Away Creativity?

You’ve Seen The Movie…

Now Live The Life! reagan-on-tv-black-and-white.jpg

reagan-suv.jpg Another puzzled visitor to the Reagan Library tries to make sense of the odd angles taken:

“There is Air Force One (you can go inside!), there’s Marine One, there are those big black Secret Service Suburbans, and, revealingly, there’s even an LAPD police car and motorcycle, just because those kinds of things will excite people who get excited about Marine One.”

reagan-knute-rockne.jpg Even further removed from reality, a real memento of events Reagan only knew in the movies.

“There’s the “historical artifact” (perfectly encapsulating the story of Reagan) of the Notre Dame sweater worn by Knut Rockne given as a gift to Reagan at the end of his term in recognition of his role in the movie Knut Rockne – All American, playing George Gipp. “