Jefferson Davis: Remembrance & Recognition

Me Real President!  bizarro-superman.JPG

A touching feature each President’s Day is efforts by our nation’s cracker remnants to attach Confederate President Jefferson Davis to the ranks of actual presidents.

lincoln-davis-vicksburg.jpg Davis is equated to the real deal in this Bizarro World parallel universe, including fellow Kentuckian Abraham Lincoln.  Jolly Confederate clowns wish Davis “Our first and only president…so far” a Happy President’s Day, and weep bitter tears over “One of the great American Presidents, overlooked each year.

Not some places.  The New York Times reviewer of HBO’s “Eastbound & Bounddiscovered to their amazement that the series’ “Jefferson Davis Middle School” wasn’t a joke.  He adorns schools across the South.

The Georgia state park marking Davis’s capture by Union troops assures us that   “On Presidents Day, rangers will offer guided tours to all visitors,” and apples4theteacher thoughtfully amends their Lincoln coloring pages with smiling Jeff Davis. davis-jefferson.gif

Twilight Serenade davis-last-council-of-war-meeting-of-confederate-president-jefferson-davis.jpg

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    […] racists, Black Confederate fetishists, and “heritage” activists who enjoy presenting creepy readings of history with much winking and […]

  2. Flag Of Our Fathers wrote:

    […] They got the Spirit of ’76 so bad they misspelled Gadsden a few graphs above an admonition the kids “use proper spelling on all work.”  [They also threw in Jefferson Davis along with Abraham Lincoln because it just seemed right.] […]

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