Special Humor In Uniform, “It’s Funny Because It’s True” Presidents Day Edition

 The State of Georgia offers this rib-tickler:

Union soldiers died from friendly fire while capturing Jefferson Davis! http://llamabutchers.mu.nu/archives/jefferson%20davis%20caught%20in%20a%20dress.jpg

An ironic tale from the Civil War is told at Jefferson Davis Memorial Historic Site in Fitzgerald. A month after the war’s end, Confederate President Davis and a few remaining men were camped in south Georgia to continue their fight for the “lost cause.” At dawn, they were surrounded by two independent Union troops who began unknowingly firing at each other. Two Union cavalrymen died in the skirmish and Davis was taken prisoner. .. On Presidents Day, rangers will offer guided tours to all visitors.

Black History Month: Becoming A Grey Area?

It’s Confederates, For Kids! 

Spirited efforts continue to normalize Confederate President Jefferson Davis and graft him onto real Presidents Day, but now cracker apologists have raised their sights:

they are going after Black History Month.

Rickey Pittman has cranked out two soft-core black/Confederate books, and has managed to get into school Black History Month programs to promote them.

“Jim Limber Davis: A Black Orphan In The Confederate White House” Jim Limber Davis by Rickey Pittman: Book Cover  is about the literal poster child of Rebel apologists: surely Jefferson Davis couldn’t be all bad if he “adopted” an African American orphan?  http://richmondthenandnow.com/Images/Famous-People/Jim-Limber.jpg

And “Stonewall Jackson’s Black Sunday School”  Stonewall Jackson's Black Sunday School by Rickey Pittman: Book Cover seeks to show how dedicated the famed Confederate general was to the spiritual life of the people whose enslavement he fought to preserve.

Past Forgetting, For Kids! image 1



The South Shall Rise Again, & You Shall Pay

A monument to Confederate denial is rising again in Biloxi Mississippi, with 90% of the cost paid by federal and state taxpayers.

Cracker bitter-enders have rebuilt Beauvoir, Confederate President Jefferson Davis’s home destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, and are now working on the accompanying “presidential library,” completely destroyed by the storm. http://www.onlineathens.com/images/030908/30688_512.jpg

Things To Come: Enough Pillars?                COURTESY BEAUVOIR The architectural rendering by Albert & Associates of Hattiesburg shows what the new Jefferson Davis Presidential Library and Museum will look like when completed in 2011 at Beauvoir in Biloxi.

The complex is run by the Mississippi branch of the Sons of Confederate War Veterans.  The Sons are a coven of cranks determined to put across their claim that the Civil War wasn’t about slavery, which has taken them into the nether worlds of  Lost Cause-ist racists, Black Confederate fetishists, and “heritage” activists who enjoy presenting creepy readings of history with much winking and nudging

We note with interest the revelation that Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama has slave owners in his ancestry. This news demonstrates an interesting irony with respect to contemporary multi-cultural American politics...For candidate Obama, the news is perhaps more complex since his African roots may link him to African tribes that traded their brothers and sisters into slavery.

  Obtuse Apologists

Obama: Elections Have Consequences, Wars Not So Much

Good Times Not Forgotten! Illustration Depicting the Fort Pillow Massacre in Southwest Tennessee During 1864 Where Black Union Soldiers, Refugees and White Officers Were Slaughtered on the Orders of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest by panafnewswire.

The Dallas Morning News reports that President Obama will answer the prayers of cracker hearts, and continue the tradition of presidents honoring an Arlington Cemetery Confederate War Memorial.

An historians’ petition had pointed to the unreconstructed racism and white nationalism of the bitter-enders who built the memorial, as well as the historical falsehoods it perpetuates.

Before Obama’s decision was known, the Washington Post op/ed page displayed a stirring example of thoughtfully splitting the difference.

University of Pittsburgh art historian Kirk Savage is author of “Standing Soldiers, Kneeling Slaves: Race, War, and Monument in Nineteenth-Century America.” He explained that Obama could have it all:

To single out the ordinary soldiers of the Confederacy as beyond the moral pale does not help us come to grips with slavery’s more profound role in American history… President Obama, why not send two wreaths? One to the Confederate Memorial in Arlington Cemetery and another to the African American Civil War Memorial in the District, which commemorates the 200,000 black soldiers who fought for liberation from slavery in the Union armed forces…Send two wreaths with one common message: that the descendants of slaves and the descendants of slaveholders should recognize each other’s humanity, and do the hard work of reckoning with the racial divide that is slavery’s cruelest and most enduring legacy.

But the Confederate apologists don’t seem interested in any fuss about slavery.

UDC insignia

Jane Durden, president general of the United Daughters of the Confederacy — the group that erected and maintains the monument — said the controversy over the wreath reflects a misunderstanding that the Civil War was a defense of slavery rather than a patriotic call to arms.“I am not totally shocked, and it’s not just with Obama, but with a lot of the American public,” Durden said. “This is a very controversial subject — we realize that. But all we ask is: I respect your views on things and I expect the same in return.

The Daughters will pocket Obama’s Memorial Day wreath and then move on to their real priority, the annual  Jefferson Davis fest in June:

Massing of the Flags

Obama: Wish He Won’t In Dixie

Cause For Alarm 

A group of academics have petitioned President Obama to end a beloved presidential tradition dating back to Liberal Idol Woodrow Wilson: sending a wreath each year to a Confederate war memorial in Arlington.


The legacy of the man who segregated Washington DC lives on in this sacred annual remembrance, only shifted from Jefferson Davis’s birthday to Memorial Day by the first President Bush.

And not just any cracker monument.

The speeches at its ground-breaking and dedication defended and held up as glorious the Confederacy and the ideas behind it and stated that the monument was to these ideals as well as the dead. It was also intended as a symbol of white nationalism, portrayed in opposition to the multiracial democracy of Reconstruction, and a celebration of the re-establishment of white supremacy in the former slave states by former Confederate soldiers.

The monument is a relic of lost cause-ism, reading in part:

The power of numbers and the longest guns cannot destroy principle nor obliterate truth.”

Straw for Last Gaspers to grab hold of:  the distinguished professors whose names are enrolled on the petition to the President include old pal Bill Ayers!