Presidential Librarians:High Crimes

Sad In Springfield   lincoln-wheeps.gif

Another Presidential Library head has been arrested for thievery, and now fired.

If convicted, the Abraham Lincoln Library’s Richard E. Beard may  join  former Theodore Roosevelt Association director Edward Renehan in prison.

What might Beard go up the river for? Shoplifting DVDs of House and Seinfeld .

A Theft About Nothing?   seinfeld.gif

Presidential Libraries seem to attract their own criminal class, so lets get busy.

Another bust and we have a trend!

Forever Nixon


“I can remember Richard Nixon, you know, his years of service, what he’s done, and everybody were ridiculing him and he ended up being the greatest president in the history of our century.”

The Anchorage Daily News rounds up local Alaska pols for reaction to Senator Ted Stevens’ conviction, and fellow investigatee Representative Don Young did not disappoint.

When Bush Invades: There Will Be Blood

Bush Goes To The Dogs    bush-lawn-dogs-w-film.jpg

Slate has turned the release of “W” into a reunion of many of the media greats who covered Bush, teeing off on various sub-topics inspired by the film, the President, or whatever the media-ists to have to promote.

Hubris co-author Michael Isikoff takes up the question of when Bush decided to invade Iraq, saying the war was in motion by May 1, 2002.

On that day Isikoff places Bush on the South Lawn, whacking tennis balls to his dogs and yelling at Press Secretary Ari Fleischer about Saddam Hussein:

“Did you tell her I’m going to kick his sorry motherfucking ass all over the Mideast?”

Bush gave an interview on Ronald Reagan the same day, and Isikoff thinks the President’s memo scribbles are indicative of his mind-frame.

“Optimism and strength,” Bush scrawled at the top of the memo. Also, “decisive” and “faith.” Next to a question about Reagan’s direct, blunt style, Bush wrote “moral clarity.” He drew an arrow next to the word forceful. Alongside a question about the 1983 suicide-bombing attack on the U.S. Marines barracks in Lebanon (which killed 241 U.S. troops), Bush wrote, “There will be casualties.”

Margaret Truman: The Ghost Who Types

The Voice From Beyond  truman-flame.jpg

America’s most prolific dead presidential offspring/author has struck again.  Margaret Truman, Harry’s daughter, has checked in again with yet another Washington “mystery.”  Murder Inside The Beltway is perhaps the most insipidly titled of her, shall we say uninspired crap novels.


Miss Truman “authored” a string of ’em before her January death.  She’s entombed with her parents and husband at the Truman Library.

Lyndon Johnson & The Internet’s Vast Wasteland

Many Horsemen Come  johnson-pedernales-river.jpg

Some clown operating a site as “Lyndon Baines Johnson II”is on their way to perfecting the confection of search terms randomly assembled into quasi-readable copy.

A detectable relationship to the beloved LBJ is non-existent, but if you have a burning need to read up on “Sales Lessons Learned from the NBA and Professional Basketball,” you’ve found the sweet spot.