George W. Bush: Decision Point of Information

Decidedly Unappealing  george-w-bush-decision-points-200x304

The Nation awaits George W. Bush’s after-report on his troubled presidency, but even in his upcoming tome’s press release we see the hallmark of the Bush Era: don’t sweat the details.

High on their own gas over Bush  ”Shattering the conventions of political autobiography,”  his flacks rush through the Bush Decade without regard to actual facts, “In gripping, never-before-heard detail.

President Bush brings readers inside the Texas Governor’s Mansion on the night of the hotly contested 2000 election; aboard Air Force One on 9/11, in the hours after America’s most devastating attack since Pearl Harbor; at the head of the table in the Situation Room in the moments before launching the war in Iraq; and behind the Oval Office desk for his historic and controversial decisions on the financial crisis, Hurricane Katrina, Afghanistan, Iran, and other issues that have shaped the first decade of the 21st century.

Perhaps not the greatest of crimes, or the tallest tale we can look forward to, but didn’t his Katrina problem start from not being behind the Oval Office desk?

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Reagan Rides Again

When Analogies Fail: Freedom’s Ramparts Or Iron Curtain?

Old Reliable, Ronald Reagan, has been summened once more to freedom’s cause.  Or something.

Wonkette brings us this playful image from a Boston Teabag rally, and we can only speculate where the poster’s creator was coming from.

It appears that the Berlin Wall, having not yet crumbled at the sound of Reagan’s mighty voice, stands between Big Government and The People.

But since government derives its powers from the People, or God in fringey-er precincts, couldn’t The People sort of walk around the wall?

And wasn’t the Berlin problem that unhappy people were trapped on their side of the wall with an unfortunate government, not separated?