Rebel Sell

That’s The Way God Planned It davis-wrecked.jpg

Tuesday is your day, Donald Trump and other fans of slavery nostalgia!

It’s the gala reopening of Beauvoir, home of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, largely destroyed by politically correct Hurricane Katrina. The accompanying “Presidential Library” was wiped out completely by the avenging wind.

Terrible Swift Sword katrina.jpg

Small compensation for New Orleans, but we Americans are an optimistic people.

Tuesday will also be Davis’s 200th birthday., encouraging the warm feelings of confederate nostalgists towards the traitor. Promoters of the “”Other President” walk a careful but familiar line, lamenting the tragic war between brothers without ever quite explaining what it was about*

Beauvoir’s special day will be marked with flags, speeches, several more speeches, and countless men in itchy wool uniforms. Some sense of decorum is being observed however. The program ask that:


“All re-enactors please use back gate entrance.”




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