The Specter That Haunted America

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We note with regret the political passing of the Philly Scrambler, Senator Arlen Specter.

Specter first came to public notice as a plucky Warren Commission staffer who explained the seeming inexplicable, the pattern of John F. Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connolly’s wounds, with what will go down The Ages as the “Single Bullet Theory,” unless The Ages inexplicably prefer “Magic Bullet Theory.”

Arlen Explains It All 

“SBT” clearly won the public’s heart, with countless homages in pop culture,       not least two bands carrying the name.

On Broken Wings * by Single Bullet  Theory Music

The First Great Wave Of Bush Nostalgia!

Bush Backwash bushboard.jpg

Oppressed small businessman hope to invent fond memories of the Bush Era, starting with this provocative billboard.

Such miracles have been wrought before with creative application of the writerly arts, even with Bush himself, so watch out.

Bush Library Plans: Now With Added Notions!

Bold New Platform

George W. Bush has announced exciting new plans for his Presidential Library, spraying the horizon with many, many numbered lists of intentions, notions and fanciful ideas.

The Bush Library will continue Bush’s on-going worldwide effort to devalue words by grasping them tightly to himself:

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In the spirit of the age, the Bush Library hopes to mobilize the sinister power of social networks through its Member Advocates. But if the roaring success of the Bush administration alumni blog is an indicator, Face-book will remain fairly Bush-free.

The Bush Library web site is doing its part to erase the Kennedy assassination stain from local consciousness, offering a map of “Dallas Landmarks” with Dealey Plaza unmarked. Dallas_fw_map_thumb2

Make Your Own Special JFK Assassination Memory!

You’ll Always Remember When You First Heard Mad Men: Duck Phillips & Peggy Olson

Anniversaries not divisible by five never get the respect of their more numerically endowed brethren, but this year’s Kennedy assassination anniversary has had some high-points.


Chronicle Of A Death Foretold   tumblr_ksgx5hBB8m1qzlum5o1_500.jpg


Your USAToday published a “where-did-it-end-up?” roundup of assassination related objects – planes, cars and oddities.  The items are dispersed to a sprawling collection of government and for-profit museums and collections, the private sector equivalent of the presidential library system – intrepid local hustlers, cranks and visionaries, following their dreams.

From Baylor University’s  Ruby’s slipper to Historic Auto Attractions‘ really creepy artifacts and diorama collection, the stuff is everywhere.

Baylor lost out to SMU on the George W. Bush Library, but they can keep their head up in Kennedy conspiracy theory archives.

Auto Attractions provides an alternative past of a sort – what if Jack Ruby had shot Steve Buscemi rather than Oswald?



Layover of destiny: Kennedy’s Fast Road To Dallas

TCU Killed Kennedy!  tcualert_gray.gif

Now it can be told!  the Fort Worth Star-Telegram is working the hell out of JFK’s pre-assassination overnight in Ft. Worth, and revisits once again Texas Christian University’s role in the road to martyrdom.

Kennedy’s plans originally included receipt of a TCU  honorary degree, but they changed when TCU’s board rejected the Papist President as not the right type of Christian.

In one of history’s great Woulda  Coulda Shouldas, a TCU degree ceremony might have pushed Kennedy’s Dallas motorcade later in the day, spoiling Oswald’s shot.

kennedy-ft-worth.JPG   Kennedy held a rally at his Ft. Worth hotel instead, then headed for Dallas.