Ronald Reagan: Live The Fantasy!

Republican Tinkerbell

The thoughtful press peepers at Media Matters For America [just typing it gives a tingle!] have detected a pattern in Republican affairs:  free-floating New Reagan naming, often not tied to any visible speaking skill or charisma.

Christie On A Stick! 

They run down the usual names named, your Palins, Rubios and the like, but several of the reborn seem to have escaped their view.

Lest we forget, some have imagined the mantel falling on Rubio’s leathery opponent, Charlie Crist.  Before his auditioning to become the Robert Byrd of the desert wastelands,  John McCain was considered amoung the Reagan Undead. Until he stumbled into a cracker history morass Virginia Governor Robert F. “Bob” McDonnell was seen, at least in Pat Robertson’s alternative universe, as Reaganesque. And South Korean hard man President Lee Myung-bak was Reagan walking until it was discovered voters didn’t thrill to the prospect of confrontation with the North.

But our favorite New Reagan of Today lives in South Africa:

zuma-dances.jpg  step forward President Zuma!

Reagan Reborn: Seek Him Everywhere

The Star of South Africa has revisited an old favorite, the rebirth of Ronald Reagan in the form of a former guerrilla fighter with Communists in his cabinet.

The claim seems to boil down to President Jacob Zuma’s charm, breezy patter, and performance skills surpassing the dour immediate predecessor.

As with Zuma, he liked to sing ditties in public, and though he never called for his machine-gun, he was quite prepared, if necessary, to engage the Soviet Union in ‘Star Wars‘.

Ronald Reagan: Africa Calling!

The Lives Of Others  lincoln-kennedy-oddities.jpg

The haunting parallels of Lincoln’s and Kennedy’s lives infest the Internet, but what of Ronald Reagan and the latest New Reagan?

The unlikely Reaganaut is the bad boy of South African politics, Jacob Zuma, and the stories premise is amiable front man for expert staff achieved greatness.

Zuma is expected to be elected South African President Wednesday:

Let’s examine the amazing Reagan/Zuma life coincidences!

reagan-smiling.jpg                                                zuma-smiles.jpg

Started as trade unionist                      Started as trade unionist

Challenged sitting president              Challenged sitting president

More than one marriage                      More than one marriage

Arms scandal!                                          Arms scandal!