Re-Burying Buchanan

Bye Bye For Now!   Scott 1081 - The 3¢ Wheatland - Home of President Buchanan

President’s History Day Month has only furthered the obscurity and disrespect of “America’s Only Bachelor President,” James Buchanan. First, C-Span’s poll of presidential history guys ‘n gals on the go confirmed his spot at te bottom of the POTUS opinion sweepstakes.  And now his Pennsylvania estate has had to collapse itself into the arms of a local historical society in order to stay afloat.

Buchanan’s Wheatland estate’s staff had dwindled to two, and its membership to 500, when the Lancaster County Historical Society beckoned. The deal is  being presented as a marriage, but Wheatland is now just an option on the Society’s web-page.

Buchanan’s administration is recalled for his staying very still as the Civil War approached, and for the invention of the ghastly title “First Lady,” which in his case was his niece.


Lady In Question   2009-03-03-harrietlane.jpg




An exciting future of failed president reenactors lies ahead!

Stone Me

So Lifelike!   Image:GWBushMountRushmore.jpg

It was probably just liberal Marxists off for a spoof, but for some the dream was real.

The year was 2004, and someone claiming to be “Ann Cuolter” didn’t care enough about their fraud to come up with a better fake name.  In September of that year “Ann” launched a petition to put George W. Bush on Mt. Rushmore.

To call the response tepid would be to insult lukewarm water.  Only 137 have signed in four years, and many did so only in order to broadcast their hatred of Bush and the notion, or to promote 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Actual Ann “It’s Never Too Warm For Leather” Coulter shown here in all her  finery.

Elsewhere In Alternative Bush Reality:

Barack Obama: The Face Of Change?

Stache N’ Plate?

You hate to give the formless mass that is MTV credit, but their news blog may have stumbled on something watching the Semi-State Of The Union.

Is Barack Obama growing a mustache?


                              Engaged & Underage  Too soon to tell, but as your  Engaged & Underage HQ notes, something may be up.

Wednesday Obama announced his latest Commerce stalwart, and once again ambiguous  upper lip action was present.

WASHINGTON - FEBRUARY 25:  U.S. President Barack Obama (R) announces Gary Locke (L) as his nominee for Secretary of Commerce February 25, 2009 in Washington, DC. Locke, former Governor of the state of Washington, replaces Sen. Judd Gregg who recently withdrew his name from consideration for the position. From Getty Images.

                                                                         This never would have happened when Kurt Loder was alive.

George W. Bush: The Ghost Who Walks



Higher Profiling 

Former President Bush is showing a little ankle, dropping by a political science class at the future home of his Presidential Library – Southern Methodist University                                                                                                        Former President George W. Bush meets students outside of Fondren Science Building Tuesday morning.


Country First?

Bush’s first hired speech will be to foreigners, albeit in semi-American Canada.

The ex-president  travels to exotic Calgary, Alberta March 17th in what is threatened to be the first of ten speeches this year. Bush crony, Bush Library director  and ex-Commerce Secretary Don Evans warns Bush “has to earn a living,” despite his pension, Bush his ‘n her book deals and the remains of his dubious baseball fortune, so we can look forward to more of this.

We must brace ourselves for the inevitable Moonie-funded-through-exotic-passthroughs events which are sure to come.

Negro First

Book Him

The Boston Globe’s Pulitzer Prize winning arts critic Mark Feeney has solved the Presidential Library/Pharaoh-ization problem: Make Obama go first!

It’s a position our first African-American President has been in many times before, and why not round out Black History Month by renouncing the building of his all but inevitable Presidential Library?

I agree with almost everything Feeney says about these places – the terrible history, bad architecture, and overall waste of these monuments to would-be greatness.

But why start with the new guy? George W. Bush has yet to announce a design, much less break ground – that one could be strangled in its birth. The Carter Library will be is closed most of this year in order to sink another $10 million into the place.  And despite Feeney’s claim that the Nixon Library finally got his papers in 2007, they are still building,   construction       and the papers are not expected on site until Fall 2009.

The established Presidential Libraries are rotting from within, and could be left to wither.  But why does Barack Obama have to be first?