The Truman Doctored

Murky Record truman-margaret-record.JPG

She was billed as a singer during the Truman Administration, but the late Margaret Truman achieved greater fame for cashing in with an interminable stream of Murder At The [insert known DC landmark here] novels carrying her name.

Perhaps the definitive excavation of the Margaret Truman books and who may have actually written them appeared in The Weekly Standard. Jon L. Breen toured the murky world of celebrity ghost written novels, with a hard stare at the Truman industry.

Breen fingers Donald Bain, whose works under his own name have a respectable following. Perhaps now we’ll learn the facts. Or maybe not. The long dead Eliot Roosevelt continues to pump out the paper.





















And when imagination completely failed: truman-murder-in-havana.jpg

Anybody But Nixon

Before It’s Too Late nixon-grandson-christopher-nixon-cox.jpg

Just when we are shedding the Bushes and cracks appear in the His ‘n Her Presidencies juggernaut, a new dynastic threat looms.

It may take swallowing a second generation of Romney, but it’s a price worth paying to strangle this political career in it’s cradle.

When the New York Times asked Nixon’s Grandson about his future, Christopher Nixon Cox brings the coy:

“When asked if he would ever consider running for public office, Mr. Cox sidestepped a bit. “For me, the key is to serve my country and my community in whatever way I can,” he said. “It can’t be about ego. It has to be about using my talents to serve the country in the best way I can. Right now, that means working for John McCain.”

You have been warned.

Don’t Go There

Negative Barometer reagan-reversal.png

Just in time for yet another gathering at the Reagan Library, the Los Angeles Times reports that incessant Reagan name checks have a negative correlation with Republican primary success. At least for Rudy Giuliani.

Nixon’s Littlest Victim

From the wide wide world of blogging comes perhaps America’s most disturbing baby birthday picture:



Strongmen Weep ford-kissinger-suharto.jpg

The death of the monstrous Suharto throws new light on the recently beloved Gerald Ford. Suharto presided what couldn’t possibly described as a “decent” regime, and from the massacre of a million Reds to the East Timor genocide he had the foursquare support of six Us Presidents.

Thrill once more to Ford and Kissinger signing off on the invasion of EastTimor, with the horrors that unfolded. The National Security Archives has packaged up their Suharto greatest hits, and there’s more.

They’ve included a link to an upcoming book with perhaps the coolest title ever in international relations,

Economists with Guns. suharto-economists-with-guns.jpg