That Fake Ronald Reagan Diary Items Shall Not Perish From The Earth

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The Salem News has fallen for a beloved old chestnut, the bogus Ronald Reagan diary item about George W. Bush, Ner’ do well.

Good going, suckers! salemnewscomlogo4.jpg

Fox & Friends, And Friends

douglas-frederick.jpg The Other douglas-stephen.jpg

The militant halfwits of Fox & Friends are storied in legend and song for promoting crackpot stories of madrassa raised Barack Obama and other smears.

But what if all they are is dim?

Evidence for the affirmative: Fox & Friends confusing abolitionist Frederick Douglas with Abraham Lincoln sparing partner Stephen Douglas. lincoln-fox-frederick-douglas.JPG You can see an MSNBC clip of the buffoonery here.

Hillary Clinton’s latest hat trick of calling for “Lincoln-Douglas” style debates appears to be going nowhere, but not before snagging Fox along with the Tiffany Network, which reported:

“She said she would like to see an Abraham Lincoln-Frederick Douglas style debate, where the two traveled around Illinois debating one-on-one.”

[thanks to Joe for the alert]

Everything’s Bigger In Texas!

We will take your concept, idol or mentor and create a mammoth statue out of it.”

The Dream presidentia-lpark-at-water-lights1.jpg

…And The Ditch presidents-heads-mud.jpg

The vision is taking hold at the Venice of Houston.
Historic Real Estate Inc. – so steeped in, um, something, is building the weirdest incarnation yet of one man’s obsession with gigundus presidential heads.

David Adickes‘s gift to the nation is his obsession with immense busts of our revered former leaders. He already has theme parks centered on these First Oddities in South Dakota and Virginia, but it will be so much nicer with tour boats. And shopping. Somehow the mystery of Easter Island paired with the likes of Marvin Van Buren will draw swarms of Cinnabon munchers.

Adickes’s anything to draw a crowd spirit has already led to the heads use as backdrop to a

rap video. pres-heads-rap-still.jpg Think water ballet!

Gaps Bridged, Carter Turns to Comedy

Jimmy Carter Explains All carter-stewart.jpg

…and continues his Mother’s Day March to the Sea, plugging the book.

Tonight, Carter continues his effort to outrage all of decent society by speaking to Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.

It Was Gonna Be Great!

So Close, And Yet… future-closer-than-we-think.jpg

The intrepid vision questers at Fast Company have encountered a truly lost world, one where a youthful Richard Nixon painted the golden vision of a slacker tomorrow. right-to-be-lazy.gif

“We see the time not too far distant when we can have a four-day work week and family life will be even more fully enjoyed by every American . . . These are not dreams or idle boasts—they are simple projections of the gains we have made in the last four years.”

Time reports that Nixon could not name this beckoning future, but the Vice President was clearly high on his own fumes:

“…whatever it is, it is something new and far better than anything the world has ever seen.”

nixon-futerama1.jpg Not What He Had In Mind