Ousting Obama In Indonesia? Racist Crap Knows No Boundaries

 Barry Unfortunate 

AFP via TPM reports that the awesome power of social media is being mobilized by Indonesians unhappy with Jakarta’s statue commemorating Barack Obama’s childhood there.  And proud Americans are joining the fun!

An Indonesian Facebook group has 55,000 members, while their English language clones make do with  2000.

The magic of social media is that anyone may join, and do. But messages may get muddled in the churn.  The English site boasts the lovely monkey statue shown above, while some Indonesians focus on Obama and Israel.

Jack Ellis   Apparent non-Indonesian Jack Ellis provides a two-fer, joining denunciations of the Jakarta statue while vowing not to donate to Haiti relief, lest Obama get a statue there, eventually.

What Happens In Vegas May Haunt Us For Centuries

Remembering Reagan Right     http://www.reviewjournal.com/lvrj_home/2004/Jun-06-Sun-2004/photos/reagandance.jpg

The Reagan Legacy Project has an exciting new look, and new worlds to conquer.

Gearing up for the late president’s 99th birthday has seen a flurry of activity from Projectors, who seek to plaster Reagan’s name, face, or scared relics over as much American real estate as they can grab.  In their sights: Nevada.

He Glows!

Silver State Gipper fans paint a future both poignant and optimistic,  when “future generations of Nevadans can look up at Mount Reagan one day and ask, “Mom, Dad, who is Reagan?”

The organizers complain that Reagan’s greatness is unmarked in Las Vegas, when actually he’s all around:  The Reagan Era has become Vegas code for all things worn, played, and clapped out.

The Excalibur Hotel & Casino Excalibur Hotel Casino Las Vegas

The room, however, seemed like a relic from the Reagan years compared to the other places we’ve stayed in Vegas

  Bally’s Las Vegas   

“It was clean except for the windows which… hadn’t been cleaned on the outside since the Reagan administration.”



 Riviera Hotel & Casino    

” The rooms haven’t seen new wallpaper or carpeting since the Reagan administration.”









Richard Nixon’s Pop Explosion: When Has-Beens Collide!

The Pants Send A Signal As Well

One time teen sensation Britney Spears marks the California Winter Solstice as she does always this time of year: displaying herself in a “Dick” t-shirt.

Spears proudly wore the same quasi-opinionated garment a year ago, exciting spirited discussion of what she could possibly know about Watergate and other crimes.

Worn Out 

Nixon Wallows In Watergate

Oh, It’s Never Over

The Presidential Cryptologists at Flatsigned Press have pulled another one from the grave, recruiting the late Richard Nixon to hype a collection of Watergate recordings on cassette tapes, somehow missing the 8-track era entirely.

We last enjoyed Flatsigned’s antics when they surfaced something Kennedy conspiracy-ish allegedly signed by the also dead Gerald Ford. Fallout included a company lawsuit [still before the courts] against mangy hat-wearing racist Don Imus for mocking them while reading Flatsigned’s ad copy.

Flatsigned’s Chairman Tim Miller is presiding over a bankrupt company, but he’s found a new field of endeavor, billing himself as a “presidential historian” to such discerning media presences as Neil Cavuto  and leather queen Gordon Liddy. http://www.orbitcast.com/archives/G_Gordon_Liddy.jpg

Miller won’t stop at despoiling the dead.

George H.W.Bush’s Transports of Delight

There’s Something About A Train 



 For the Presidential Transport Complete-ist, exciting news from the plains of Texas.

MTH Electric Trains has launched a series of HO model trains commemorating an obscure tribute to former President H.W. Bush.

In 2005 the Union Pacific Railroad appears to have had time and rolling stock on its hands, so the company painted up one of their engines to vaguely resemble Air Force One’s color scheme, and slapped Bush’s name on it.  It served as the highpoint of a railroad exhibit mounted by Bush’s Presidential Library, with as little apparent connection to his presidency as the Clinton Library’s ill-fated “Art of the Chopperfiasco.

MTH’s model engine comes complete with a “Detachable Scale Snow Plowand  “(2) Cab Figures“  View Larger , all for just $ 189.95.  Coming soon is a more glamor-ific model for a mere $ 429.95.

Why the Union Pacific’s interest in Bush family sucking up?  UP CEO Richard K. Davidson served on a Homeland Security infrastructure advisory board, presumably working to assure that security didn’t get in the way of tons of toxins riding the rails.  He served the Bushes in other ways as well, bundling for Junior and receiving a Kennedy Center board post.

Iron Horse Came