The Path He Trod: Obama’s Student Housing Could Be Yours!

Room To Grow 

An apartment rented by Columbia transfer student Barack Obama is on the market.

Gawker summons up the truly unfortunate image of the future leader of the free world haunting these rooms, pulling the babes in his blue and white sarong, behavior which allegedly did transpire in later Obama apartments.

Let’s use this real estate blank slate to launch more imaginative lies about Obama’s Columbia period.  Previously we’ve enjoyed a fake Founder-slamming Obama thesis story sparked by the sinister Michael Ledeen missing the satire in the original, leading to Rush Limbaugh going wide with the story.  Obama was already linked to Chinese espionage by a fanciful chain of “evidence” linked to Manhatten’s Upper West Side already, so get to it!


George W. Bush Finds Guns & Butter

  Intellect, Humor and Sizable Weapons!

Wonkette reports exciting former chief executive news.

Beloved former President George W. Bush continues to refill the coffers, drained by years of dedicated public service, lifetime salary and expenses aside.

His latest moneymaker will be addressing the prestigious “Safari Club International Hunters Convention” in Northwest Nevada’s glam capital, Reno.

Your correspondent has actually been to the convention hotel, the fabulous Peppermill Casino & Resort,  and a more claustrophobic hell-scape of bad lighting, cheerless gambling and portly Americans cannot be imagined.

The Safarians are getting muy moderno for the occasion, tricking out their web site with proven link-bait like the “Top Ten [ageless comedy format]Reasons To Attend SCI’s Annual Hunters Convention.

Past Safarians have included Bush family favorite Dana Carvey, shown here last year appearing as Wayne’s World’s “Garth.” yes of course, chastened liberal Dennis Miller will be in town!

Sarah Palin: Catching Up With The Reagan Legend

Diet Deficit Delight reagan-burger-mcdonalds.jpg

Sarah Palin continues rummaging around the Reagan legend cupboard, searching for a usable past.

She fished up a gem in her Thanksgiving day ramblings, quoting the voice from beyond that


all great change in America begins at the dinner table.”

What change did the master of folksy smarm propose back in those halcyon days?

His salute to domestic furniture’s decisive role immediately preceded a speech section where Reagan sought to mobilize today’s youth, calling on them to fink out their parents if insufficiently “American.”

…If your parents haven’t been teaching you what it means to be an American, let ’em know and nail ’em on it

What one American did to the American diet is clear: Reagan helped further degrade our already tenuous relation of food to nutrition.

The legend is true: Reagan’s administration tried to pass off delicious corn syrupy ketchup as a vegetable until laughed out of town. But they also killed studies of American’s diets, and abolished the office issuing diet and nutrition guidelines.

And Reagan was of course the Father of Frozen Food Day.

Poker In The Service Of Freedom

Chips Ahoy!    truman-poker.jpg

The Wall Street Journal dips into the bottomless well of presidential pastimes to discuss poker and its role in the defense of the West.  Harry Truman’s lifelong devotion to gambling is approvingly reviewed, with side discussion of Winston Churchill’s legendary alcohol consumption and failings at cards.

  Poker was played on the eve of Churchill’s storied Iron Curtain speech, allowing writer James McManus to wrap himself in ominous clouds of doom.

The Cold War was just weeks away. The ability to read who was bluffing and who wasn’t would be more important than ever.

Mr. Kurtz, He Tone Deaf

 Retiring Type

The Washington Post’s Howard Kutz is puzzled at the incessant media coverage of Barack Obama minutia, and for guidance he turns to grizzled George W. Bush handler Mark McKinnon

McKinnon is professionally awed at Obama’s mastery of image burnishing, contrasting him to Bush’s modest self effacement:

the former president liked his privacy, was wary of the media and had an aversion ‘to anything that smacks of self-promotion.’

Kurtz’s probing questions continue, turning to burly, bandito-mustachioed Thomas Friedman to understand why those leftest whiners seem so upset with Obama.