George W. Bush Regrets Not Entirely Melting The Old folks Down For Suet

Memories!  tears joy

George W. Bush is in a wistful mood as a teaser exhibit for his presidential museum opens in Dallas.

The often weepy former president is out and about flogging his memoirs in advance of sale date, and told a Chicago audience that his greatest regret was not putting across his Social Security “reform.”

As sensible heads said at the time, the Bush plan amounted to sending old folks to slaughter in the market, while the feds borrowed gazillions to cover the gap caused by paying out benefits while dumping current income into Wall Street.

Oh, what might have been!

But we’ll always have Saddam’s gun.


The Change He Needs

Obama Now One Of The Greats!

For decades, criminal geniuses have disguised themselves in the act, and an early 90s film from the Patrick Swayze ouvrier sparked a seemingly endless wave of robbers wearing masks of the great.  point-break-nixon-carter-reagan-johnson-expresidents.JPG

Now the current president has joined this proud line, with North Carolina gas station robber donning an Obama mask to do the deed.

Despite the crime wave, this is one of the least troubling parts of the Swayze legacy.  The the late actor was recently offered as an excuse for the multiple has-been-ed Jennifer Grey to appear on the last round up, “Dancing With The Stars.”