Junior Edition: Michael Reagan’s Lost Decades

Tough Love  reagan-michael-gun.jpg

Word that Michael Reagan has taken his search for daddy love to a new low.

America’s third rated right-wing talk radio network has dropped Ronald Reagan’s eldest son, according to blatherwatch, and he has landed at the American Family Association’s fourth rated one.   american-family-association-action-alert.jpg  AFA’s larger claim to fame is their long time jefe maximo Donald Wildman, who periodically sallies forth from his cracker redoubt launching War On War On Christmas battle-cries such as:

At PetSmart, Christmas doesn’t exist

Blatherwatch says the AFA “network” is an agglomeration of the sort of dinky-town stations “that depend on evangelists and vitamin salesmen who pay for their own shows.”

Little Reagan seems increasingly out of touch. His web-page flogs Reagan fantisist Paul Kangor’s book on Reagan crony and Saddam emissary  William “The Horse Theif”  Clark, and features a link to the defunct Senate site of George Allen, who lost his seat in 2006.

Barack Obama: No One Expects The Comfy Chair

Yes We Can… obama-seated.jpg

                                                                                                                                         …..be seated.

obama-inaugural-chair.jpg  You’ll park it with presidents when you own this shiny $5,000 reproduction of the chair Barack Obama sat in for the inaugural ceremony [Bush too!].

The Obama industry is the nation’s only hope to fight off economic depression, and now it’s moved into repo furniture.

The Bush Library: Truth & Consequences

Consequential!   bush-library-time-of-great-consequence.jpg

They are showing a little ankle at the Bush Library Foundation, the tiny acorn from which the mighty Bush Library ‘n Fantastic Freedom Center oak shall grow.

For some audiences  they are going with a “Say what you will” argument. You may view the Bush era as a string of disasters sprinkled with tone deafness, but you can’t deny its consequential-ness!

Bush plans to begin quickly on a memoir, probably structured around the toughest decisions of his consequential presidency.

George W. Bush’s presidency was far from perfect, but that doesn’t mean his post-presidential life cannot be consequential.

The Gang’s All Here  bush-library-megaphone.JPG

The Library web site is finally up and running, and yes, we will be seeing the Megaphone of Destiny. A lot.

Now that Bush is back at the ranch, his Library-To-Be can drop its self-imposed limit and start taking cash from foreigners.

The prohibition was announced after reports  Bush hanger-on Stephen Payne offered Central Asian dictators Administration access in trade for Bush Library donations. bush-library-pay-to-play.jpeg

Exhibition planning moves ahead. George W. Bush Foundation President Mark Langdale is already testing positive spin on renowned Bush disasters, er, “disappointments,” like when Big Government let us all down in New Orleans.

There’s an interesting lesson about Katrina and the limitations of government assistance to respond to big natural disasters,” Langdale said. “They are acts of God, and they are tough. It’s definitely a story line I would not shy away from addressing somehow in the museum.

Bush Administration alumni are turning grief into strength online, with a blog!

We were there. And as members of the team, we know the difference between rumor, reality, fact, and fiction. This is our chance to stand up, speak up, and set the record straight.

Others aren’t so sure.







Dick Cheney: Fighting Back!

Never Surrender  chney-scowll.jpg

Fighting to their last, the Bush Administration won a victory in their ongoing obfuscation over Dick Cheney’s White House papers, even as Cheney himself injured his back moving boxes of papers into his Virginia home.

The White House has variously claimed Cheney was uncovered by laws requiring document preservation, or even wasn’t part of the executive branch.   A judge found Cheney is covered by the law, but gave him the benefit of the doubt despite the cumulative behavior pattern, and will not order him to preserve his papers.