When Reagans Collide!

Terrible Two  http://www.sptimes.com/2007/03/13/images/money-insurance-1.jpg

From Florida, where infectious optimism rises from the fever swamps, comes word of a disturbance in the force.

What happens when two New Reagans® lock in deadly embrace?

Identifying New Reagans® is a perilous course, disappointment a constant danger. The Sunshine State already boasted one New Reagan® in Governor “Orange” Charlie Crist, but now a younger, cuter, New Reagan® threatens his rise to greatness.

Pretty boy former Florida House speaker Marco Rubio is a New Reagan® too! And happily, it’s a life sentence, possibly beyond.

Rubio, like Reagan, will do wonders for the nation for years to come

Others aren’t so sure. Florida Senate President Ken Pruitt has worked with both men, and his Crist man-crush is strong.

He is Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan all wrapped up in one. I really love this man. His can-do, it’s-always-morning-in-America attitude is an inspiration to every citizen in our great state … Speaker Rubio, I love him, too. He’s a little tougher to love.

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  1. Ronald Reagan: Live The Fantasy! at WWW.PRESIDENTS”R”US.COM wrote:

    […] we forget, some have imagined the mantel falling on Rubio’s leathery opponent, Charlie Crist.  Before his auditioning to become the Robert Byrd of the desert wastelands,  John […]

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