Ronald Reagan On Good Hair

  Eternal Flame

The pop-necrophiliac juggernaut that is Michael Jackson has opened a London exhibit of career castoffs and oddities, somehow coinciding with the release of what we can only hope is his last final concert film.

Along with the usual costumes and chotskies is a treasured Ronald Reagan letter to Jackson, wishing him speedy recovery from burns sustained in an

Michael Jackson   ill-starred Pepsi commercial.

Reagan’s infectious optimism failed to take hold in this instance.    Jackson’s fire injuries are blamed by some for his subsequent pain killer abuse.

Much as we might dream of these oddities on permanent display in a real museum someday, the cruel fact is this is only a tease for the inevitable  memorabilia auction.  Michael Jackson Public Exhibition Five Catalog Box Set


George W. Bush On Message Discipline

 Straight Poop

George W. Bush made his world-changing motivational speaker debut in Ft. Worth this week, and he went with the tested material.

How to rouse the Texas throng while auditioning for future speaking gigs?

Turd jokes never fail!

Bush wowed ’em with tales of cleaning up after his dog, showing that former Presidents are just like us. The Washington Post watched the relatableness unfold in real time:

He is just a normal guy! He wasn’t the best speaker. But I was happy to see him!” said Lubbock salesman Patrick Kruger, 50.”

 George W. Bush

Bush’s fascinating pet sanitation anecdote saw light in March, when he tried it first outside the country in Canada.

Next to China, where April saw the former chief executive talking shit at the Former U.S. President George. W. Bush said Saturday that East Asia is playing a bigger role in global economy, and the world economic center has moved from Atlantic to Asia Pacific. Boao Forum.

A May high school graduation provided the first domestic audience to enjoy Bush’s scatological stylings, and Vanity Fair expressed concern that the ex-president was repeating himself.

Bush defied the glossy monthly, regaling Michigan business leaders with dog stories in late May, and again in Toronto.
Squintee is a man of few words!

Ronald Reagan: Show And Tell


A Killer Tree, A Pony And A Welfare Queen Walk Into A Bar…

The delightfully named David Rambo taking his skills learned producing “CSI” to the crime scene that was the Ronald Reagan presidency.The packagers of  Harry Truman and Teddy Roosevet’s pissy endearment for the one man stage have turned their attentions to the beloved former president.

Reagan will supply the one-liners musty even in their day, and Rambo is to bring the sparkle.

Sadly, this meant the departure from the project of Hollywood right wing icon Lionel Chetwynd, who from the rather rough clay of George W. Bush’s 9-11   response fashioned a heroic narrative. DC 9/11 - Time of Crisis  

George W. Bush: Joke Meets Punchline


George W. Bush set to become motivational speaker

Why let others profit from your mistakes?


The Heartland’s Contempt For Washington At Flood Tide?

The Nation awaits an orgy of destruction, with release imminent of beloved Director Roland

Emmerich’s latest disaster porn epic, “2012”.

Apparently the Mayan’s foretold our doom even while hurtling unaware to their own demise. Or something

 Emmerich has a history of this, of course.  

Audiences cheered the jolly destruction of Bill Clinton’s White House in 1996.

This time Real America’s chosen instrument to destroy the nest of Socialism  is of course the mothballed USS John F. Kennedy, recalled to serve the Republic for one last mission