It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Nixon

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Richard Nixon’s Comic Legacy: Monica Crowley Capers

Dick Gets Off A Good One  



Nixon post-presidential kitten with a whip Monica Crowley  is cracking wise, favoring America with her lighter side.  Crowley normally spews forth  venomous chatter for the thoughtful conservatives of Fox News, but apparently views her Twitter feed as a fount of humor.

Crowley’s comic career began with Richard Nixon’s political death, as he used his New Jersey exile to emit an endless series of ponderous tomes.

Book Learning   


While decent people looked away, hoping Nixon would slink into the shadows from which he came, Crowley saw opportunity. She wormed her way into the great man’s shrunken entourage, assisting on several of his awful books. Some saw her comic potential early.

That, the involuntary kindness of strangers,  “striking” blond hair, and she was on her way.

Crowley’s latest cutups concern Rush Limbaugh muse Sandra Fluke.  Fluke’s engagement has gotten some notice, and Crowley did not disappoint:

 Some apparently failed to see Mo-Cro’s sly wit, requiring her to lament the Professional Left’s tone deafness: 


George W. Bush, Making History – You? You’re On Your Own

 Wouldn’t You Like To Know!   


Gawker historian in residence John Cook has fun poking the National Archives for their deference to former greats.

The George W. Bush administration’s papers are squirrelled away, and no, you can’t see them till Bush is done with them.  Bush left office having made a hash of his electronic records, resisting disclosure to the end despite estimates  millions of emails had gone missing.  In retirement only Bush and Ghost Who Walks Cheney have access to the goods until 2014, so Cook has been mischievously asking what our betters have been asking the National Archives for, FOIA-ing the records of their document requests.

The Archives will have none of that nonsense.  They’ve denied his request for what are clearly public records, showing a tender concern for Bush’s privacy not demonstrated by the man himself.

Archives have had a pattern of hiding their dealings with past greats, refusing historian Anthony Clark‘s requests for records on the foundations all the Presidential Libraries run to keep their guy’s image ever shinier.

Deference to greatness reached it’s apogee under the last Archivist of the United States. Bush appointee Alan Weinstein remained mute over the Bush email destruction by deed or sloth, and reacted to Bush’s grabbing censorship rights for ex Presidents and their decendants by inventing the happy club of “presidential families” who he hoped and prayed would do right by history and release the stranglehold on facts Bush granted them.

And then retired.  Good to see the current team is upholding the tradition of cringing deference.


Nixon Now: What The Kids Do These Days

Someday I’ll catch up with today’s youth, with their curation, but until then I’ll remember old times, and follow in their wake.


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When Scions Attack: Camelot To Swallow

Hark, The Herald 

Just as America tries to work up enthusiasm for the 2nd generation of Romney office holders comes word from Massachusetts: someone still believes in Camelot.

Or what a marketable name and a possibly fractured field can do in a primary.

The open seat created by Barney Frank’s retirement has brought forth a Kennedy, preloaded with pap for the rubes.  Joseph P. Kennedy III has let it be known he feels a call to service, and he’s aghast at the nation’s bickering pols.

Vowing to rise above, young “3rd,” as no one calls him, has boldly called out  “partisan gridlock” [against it!].

With luck, we might enjoy a round of Hugo Chavez Baiting because of Kennedy’s father’s ties to the cancerous Comandante.

Last go round the nation was spared the indignity of Nixon offspring holding office from Long Island.  Now it falls to the voters of Massachusetts’ 4th to save the republic once again.