Republican Re-Animator

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Rick “Re-Animator” Barber triumphantly mobilized George Washington’s ghost in the Alabama 2nd House District campaign, and now our first Republican president has been summoned to the cause. 

Plus Holocaust victims!  


Over The Top don’t begin to describe it.  I think we know where Rick is going with this:

Tricorn Tea Baggers Tearin’ It Up

Must Keep Straight Face

Would be Republican congressional candidate Rick “Ric” Barber is lashing out against  oppression the only way he knows how: summoning the bewigged ghosts of unspecified 18th Century greats to join him in war on the federal government.

Just how this founder-iffic militia uprising is to be coordinated through his Congressional franking privilege is unclear, but Rick wants you to know he’s not gonna beg for the job:

As a successful small business owner, Rick Barber doesn’t need a Congressman’s salary.

My Photo  Rick has already scored the coveted endorsement of renowned Internet crazy lady Pamella Geller, pausing briefly in  her long twilight struggle against   “female non-Muslim sex slaves

Rush Limbaugh: Creepy & Kooky

   Adams Family Now                           Limbaugh introduces Rogers to Page2Live in 2008 on the red carpet  of the gala of his lawyer, Roy Black, in Miami

From Palm Beach, a sunny place for shady people, comes a presidential offspring bulletin.

Beloved folk hero Rush Limbaugh has married a descendant of famed one-termer John Adams. Guests for the hillbilly heroin fan‘s fourth traditional marriage included animal-human hybrid James Carville and noted pubic hair detective Clarance Thomas.

The Thomas invitation may be tempting fate. Himself divorced, the Supreme Court Justice presided over Limbaugh’s third wedding.   Other divorced guests present included Karl Rove, Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson and Tom Watson.

The bride’s provenance raises the disturbing prospect that Rush might be present for the long dreamed of unvieling of Washington’s own all Adams memorial.


Funding Fathers: Turd Blossom In A Box For Fathers Day!

    Give The Gift Of Karl!

In my day your basic Fathers Day gift was cigars, or something vaguely tool-related.

But family values Republicans appear to believe that Dad reads, or at least has shelf space.

Hardly had excitement died down over the Nixon Library’s touting Dick Morris as Father’s special gift, when word comes of yet another words on paper offering on this special day.                                                        Fathers_day_seal

Operators are standing by, and if you move snappily you might be one of the lucky 200 Karl Rove fans to get a boxed version of his “highly anticipated memoir” of his “often-controversial role” in the Bush administration.

But There Is More!  This timeless classic in real leather is being offered at a mere $30, reduced from $37.00.  That’s an 18% savings!





The Nixon Library Tonight: Dick Jokes Never Fail



There’s Always Room For Dick!

 The Nixon Foundation kicks off the mad Fathers Day rush with the “perfect” gift for the rage bear you love: Dick “Dick” Morris’s “Take Back America.” Hours from now Morris himself takes the stage at the Nixon Library, and as of yesterday tickets were still available!

Its a return engagement with History for Morris, who makes the Nixon a regular stop on his book flogging excursions.  The cousin of former Nancy Reagan walker Roy Cohn is  currently pushing one of three titles he’s managed to get out of the still somewhat fresh Obama administration, seamlessly moving to a new host from his Clinton period as a “bird that lives by eating ticks off the rhino’s back.

Morris is a past profaner of sacred parental-related holidays,  and why the Nixon chooses to link the toe-sucking whore-hound whose only child is not his wife’s to America’s sacred celebration of Fatherhood is unclear.