Mr. President Is Re-shelving

Reading Ronald Reagan In Tehran?

Tie It With A Bow CBS

Ronald Reagan fans continue to sputter and rage at any comparison between President Barack Obama and the sainted Ron, the latest outrage stoking provided by the Iranian opposition’s street demonstrations.

Moments in history like this one make me wince and cringe whenever anyone tries to compare Obama with the great Ronald Reagan, who never shied away from calling out brutal dicatatorships for what they were.

The strenuously masculine and overly vowel-ed Manly Rash compares “weak-kneed pantywaist” Obama with Reagan’s stirring days of 1983 , when President Reagan boldly stated that tyranny is bad.

What else were Freedom’s Fans up to in 1983?

Bye Bye Bongo

Cost Some Jack?
President Obama has announced himself “saddened” by the death of Gabon’s 42-year dictator, Omar Bongo Ondimba. Sadness perhaps not shared by Gabon’s population, who despite enjoying recent “generally free and fair election” have other troubles: 

The following human rights problems were reported: limited ability of citizens to change their government; use of excessive force, including torture toward prisoners and detainees; harsh prison conditions; arbitrary arrest and detention; an inefficient judiciary susceptible to government influence; restrictions on the right to privacy; restrictions on freedom of speech, press, association, and movement; harassment of refugees; widespread government corruption; violence and societal discrimination against women, persons with HIV/AIDS, and noncitizen Africans; trafficking in persons, particularly children; and forced labor and child labor.”

Bongo knew from trafficking, importing French prostitutes when not getting “handsie” with Miss Peru.

    Ivette Santa Maria

Reagan’s Washington: Can We Stop Now?

   Enduring!      U.S. House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) supports former ...

With the dedication of the Capitol’s Ronald Reagan statue, our nation’s capital now celebrates our most beloved deceased president at National Airport,

Reagan Sign

a trade center, and the “Ronald Reagan Republican Center,” command post for


present Senate clinging to power efforts.

The nation as a whole remains under threat.  Mrs. Reagan was not just in town for shroud tugging.

She hosted a big get-together at the Capitol Hilton that constituted the kickoff of The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation’s $100 million fundraising effort to update the Reagan museum and host a variety of events in two years during the Reagan centennial.

In order to add to their already obscene piles ‘o cash:

The Reagan Library Foundation’s assets totaled more than two hundred million dollars in 2007 (the most recent year available). In that year alone, the Reagan Foundation’s income topped fifty-four million dollars; in comparison, the federal budget that year for all twelve presidential libraries combined was seventy-eight million dollars.

Reagan Rerun

Nancy‘s Back! 

Presumably refreshed by her late night seances with Commander In Chief and departed husband Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan made a triumphant return to Our Nation’s Capital Tuesday.

She saw Reagan immortalized in stone at the Capitol, watched President Obama sign a bill creating a Reagan Centennial Commission, and lunched with Michelle Obama.

A ‘joyful‘ Reagan knocks out California’s statue honoring Thomas Starr King, credited with keeping California from seceding during the Civil War, replacing it with a memorial to the man who wrecked everything.

The Sculptor’s Pre-Joy Work Elsewhere reagan-statue-covington-head.jpg

Reagan’s placement in the hallowed halls is owed to Representative Ken Calvert, previously best known for consorting with prostitutes and jailed lobbyists,  so scurvy that even conservative organ Human Events runs best-of hit pieces on him.

Ken draws inspiration from the Gipper, but struggles to articulate just how:

“”Madam Speaker, there are too many accomplishments for me to name here, but it is clear that President Reagan was a Californian, an American, and a Patriot.

As a bitter few have repeatedly complained, previous presidential centennial commissions have had broadly representative boards  This entity will be a creature of the Reagan Foundation, which will hold the majority of seats.  We can look forward to the Regan Centennialists federalising whatever crackpot schemes the Reagan Library cares to put across.

Let’s hope for more detail on Nancy’s dinners and dresses, possibly cross-referenced with  day-by-day time-lines drawn from his diaries and letters to Nancy.