Left Behind: The Flashback

A cry for help.

Thanks to the smarty pants at slacktivist I’ve become aware of a Presidential Yacht reference in the beloved “left Behind” series:

“Carolyn Miller is upset by her husband’s death, but she takes a moment first to remind Buck of when they first met, “on the presidential yacht two summers ago.” Buck had forgotten this, but I suppose all these women from presidential yachts and presidential hotel rooms can start to blur together after a while.”

It just sings, don’t it? I love it when characters take the time to fill each other in on their common past. As the novel teaches us, “when people disappear, some rules go out the window.”

I haven’t read the series, and don’t plan to, but it’s my understanding that it’s set in the near future, or at least a universe not drastically different from our own ‘cept for all the rapturing left-behind-floaters.jpg and blood orgies.left-behind-screamers.jpg

In a further rectification of god smacked culture, this Carolyn Miller character morphes from two references in the novel to a screen credited role in one film of the series. left-behind-poster.jpg

left-behind-steen.jpg “Carolyn Miller,” shootist.


Can anyone fill me in on yacht girl’s evolution?

The Other


Richard Nixon remains America’s richest source of news from beyond the grave. In two pieces working off new Nixon transcripts and papers we have far richer detail of the great man’s Jewphobia.

Nailing Fred “The Jew Counter” Malek one more time is especially satisfying, with the release of his thoughtful reference to “the other demographic criterion that was discussed.” Malek is currently straight shooting for the McCain campaign.

We learn elsewhere that Nixon supported the release of the Nazi Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s former deputy.

Donor Fatigue

clintons-dedication.jpg Damp but determined.

Any opportunity to mention Bill Clinton singer/donor Denise Rich is a great day. But before we get all excited about Hillary Clinton and Clinton Library donors, lets recall where we are on Presidential Library disclosure.

Bill Clinton has spoken, and correctly pointed out that his Arab money is entitled to the same secrecy under current law as that of the former and current Presidents Bush.

Nothing is happening in the Senate on the disclosure bill, and a companion bill to overturn President George Bush’s secrecy in perpetuity executive order has been stalled by an apparently random Republican Senator from Kentucky.

And since when has Washington been squeamish about dubious money and it’s holders? Wave upon wave of baby showers have been organized recently by Washington wives and women with real jobs for the wife of the Ambassador of Kuwait, proud representative of their Filipino maid-raping homeland.

SMU High Hats The Methodists


SMU has gone all unitary executive on the Methodist Church.

Opponents of the Bush Library locating at SMU are pressing for Church’s regional body, the Jurisdictional Conference, to block the expected Library. But the student paper says the University feels it has “all the permission they need” to build.

The Church’s Mission Council has signed off on the Library, but by the Church web site makes the Council a subordinate body to the Conference, acting between Conference meetings:

“The Mission Council is the governing body of the South Central Jurisdiction between Jurisdictional Conference sessions. The Council meets annually to discuss and make decisions regarding the operations of the Jurisdiction.

Giving Back?

clinton-cgi.jpgFormer President Bill Clinton always asks the tough questions. As the web site of his global initiative to change life as we know it asks,”Want to change the world, but not sure how?

Today’s Wall Street Journal provides a portrait of one way gone wrong, as an Italian Clinton honoree falls out with other Clinton supporters. The story spans the globe from the Sea of Cortez to Vatican City, just in time for The Clinton Global Initiative gathering in New York. And to make the Financial Time’s vast CGI package look kinda soft.

Doing well by doing good always looks like fun!