Texas Land Rush To Judgement

 Behind Every Great’s Library Is A Crime? SMU: Home of the George W. Bush Presidential Center

George W. Bush’s possible testimony in a land dispute over the future “Bush Center” at Southern Methodist University has the guys suing SMU giddy with excitement. Their lawsuit claims condo owners  were ripped off by SMU because word of the Bush Presidential Library’s coming was withheld.  The former condo owners have gotten a Dallas judge to order the ex president’s testimony on a 2002 meeting where the prospective library began to take shape.

Bush’s lawyers say they will appeal, and SMU says there is nothing to see here.  But plaintiff Gary Vodicka told the Texas lawyer blog that vagueness and memory loss by former White House counsel and failed Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers persuaded the judge that only Bush can bring light onto the darkness.

“Bush’s friends and advisers, by trying to protect him in their depositions, set him up for his deposition

Larry Friedman represents another party to the suit, and he hears History’ footsteps,  destiny’s drumbeat, or something.

SMU’s president thought the Bush Library would somehow expunge the stain of Kennedy’s assassination from Dallas. But Friedman says the suit is huge, that the judge’s order is..

the most important historic event in Dallas since the JFK assassination.

Stain Removal Resistant  kennedy-wanted-poster.jpg



Bush: Making Land Fit For Hero[es]

Give Me Land, Lots Of Land 

Southern Methodist University had a gleam in its eye over George W. Bush’s Presidential Library even before Bush was president, according to lawsuit depositions.  University officials and Bush hanger-on Harriet Miers in a dispute over land SMU bought for possible Bush  Library use.

Former condo owners bought out by the university claim they were underpaid, with the land’s value going up with the Library announcement.

All Better Now!

Turn That Frown Upside Down!


Amidst planning parking, demolition and President Bush’s Image Lab, Bush Library Host & SMU President Gerald Turner told the Dallas Morning News he’s found a special benefit for all of Dallas: easing what he thoughtfully calls the “Kennedy Issue.

“But underneath all the details, he said, the library will provide global visibility for the school and for a city where the assassination of John. F. Kennedy remains entrenched in the memories of many…”A positive element … will be Dallas’ relationship with the presidency of the United States on the other side of the Kennedy issue,” he said”

In other happy image rehab news, George W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation President Mark Langdale says Karl Rove has emerged from his subpeona dodging long enough to render still more service to the nation.

“Karl’s pretty busy doing a lot of things in his private life right now, but he’s a critical resource about what happened in the administration, and he has a lot of good ideas about programming and positioning,” said Mr. Langdale”

And former White House counsel, CIA tape destruction bystander and Contempt of Congress scofflaw Harriet Miers is helping out with the Library’s lawyering.

Dallas Do-Over? kennedy-post-card-dealey.gif

Still More Strange People You’ll Meet In Little Rock

The Clinton of Public Service in Little Rock continues it’s very broadminded approach to inviting speakers.

In the wake of an appearance by former White House Counsel Harriet Miers, skipping lightly ahead of Congressional process servers, The Clinton is to host Federal Appeals Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

bush-kavanaugh.jpgKavanaugh is a loyal Republican soldier. He was a deputy to Clinton Special Prosecutor Ken Starr and worked in the Bush White House. bush-kavanaugh-rove.jpg His truthfulness about participating in Bush Administration torture and secret detention policies are being questioned.

Perhaps the invitation is a tip of the hat to a Ken Starr deputy who the Washington Post reported wanted to keep the especially dirty parts out of Starr’s report.

The Strange People You Meet In Little Rock

The crazed, the cornball and the contemptuous come to the Clinton School in Little Rock.

First up, candidate/comedian Alan Keyes! keyes-button.jpg Flamboyantly demonstrating that The Clinton will not be bound by hidebound liberal nostrums, they are opening their doors to the renowned nut/commentator.

The Clintonists recently hosted former White House Counsel and failed Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers, on-the-lam from a Congressional subpoena clinton-harriet-miers-vists-school.jpg for a “private session.”

If Keyes overnights in Little Rock he can do lunch next day with cheesy Mitch Albom at the First Annual Clinton School Scholarship Luncheon! The Five People You Meet In Heaven author shares his tales from beyond the grave for a hundred bucks a pop.

Feel the smarm!

If Keyes does stick around for the lunch they can compare notes on their mutually troubled* MSNBC show experiences.




*Keyes’s bitterness over his 2002 dumping by America’s third rated cable news network continues in the form of an online petition protesting the crime, still available on his web site!