Out Of The Past

Bush Alumni Gather                   NO SERIOUSLY

George W. Bush has shown his sensitive side to gathering of the faithful, while interested observers puzzled over an exciting new Bush mystery:

Where did they hide the papers this time?

The former President repeated claims he’ll stay above the political fray, while saying former President Carter had  “made my life miserable.

The Bush administration alumni gathered in Washington just as yet another old rock turned over.  One piece of information gained from the  Justice Department investigation of John Yoo’s torture memos was the exciting news that many of Yoo’s emails from the period were unavailable.

Apparently because they were deleted

My Successor Deserves My Documents bush-at-computer.jpg

Washington veterans exchanged quiet smiles, minds drifting back to the Bush administration’s sprint to the exits, little heeding such niceties as complying with federal record keeping laws. Years of litigation later we learned that some 22 millions emails had gone missing, recoverable only at vast expense.

Choire Sicha spoke for the Nation, asking plaintively “How Many Years Will It Take Us To Get John Yoo’s Emails?

Watch This Space!



We Don’t Like You And Your Friend Too

Beck Banishes   

Awakened from their slumbers by patriot/seer Glen Beck, conservatives across America rush to join the antic showman in tossing Teddy Roosevelt over the side.

Until now, who knew that TR’s hysterically masculine crackpot vision of a white man’s world had some problems?  Evidently not Jonah Goldberg.

Wonkette peers under the hood of Teddy’s utopia:

One day soon, Jonah’s going to hear about this “Nationalized Parks” thing, and he is NOT going to be happy about it.

Barry Far Away


Bringing Back Barack      School officials prepare to install the statue of U.S. President Barack Obama in Jakarta late Sunday, Feb. 21, 2010. A statue of Barack Obama as a boy was placed late Sunday night at the Jakarta elementary school the U.S. president once attended, after its display in a public park prompted backlash in the Indonesia capital. (AP Photo/Achmad Ibrahim)


Driven from the streets of Jakarta, the boy-statue of Barack Obama has found a home at Obama’s childhood school, or as Fox viewers know, his madrassa.



TURUNKAN PATUNG BARACK OBAMA di TAMAN MENTENG The Awesome Power Of Social Media® mobilized Indonesian citizen or some kind of outrage at public space being used to honor Obama, with motivations ranging from disapproval of  him to disapproval of his wars.  Despite the latter, American Obama haters joined the fun, although their racist infested site no longer appears on Facebook.

Obama may see the statue on a March visit to Indonesia.

Tim Pawlenty, Buried In Grant’s Tomb

Grant Me This 

It was a gathering of the conservative faithful at CPAC this past weekend, and the search for novel political analogies reached strange new heights.

Among the oddities was Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, whose doomed Presidential campaign took its first tentative steps off the cliff by reminding the assembled Neo-Confederates  IMG_4498  of a past glorius Republican office holder,  U.S. Grant.

Somehow today’s conservative struggle resembles Grant’s grinding Civil War victories over the South, his scandel infested administration, or his occasional lunges towards protecting blacks and Republicans from the Klan in the South. Which is unclear, but Pawlenty has his own upbeat, crackpot version:

We’re on the side of limited government. And, like Grant, we fight.

But perhaps not win.  Pawlenty came in fourth in CPAC’s presidential straw poll.

Also up for CPAC recycling,  Margeret Thatcher, AKA The Iron Lady.  Indiana Representative Mike Pence, straw poll fifth place holder, put America’s striking coal miners and Trotskyist local office holders on notice by evoking everyone’s favorite Churchill in drag. Just wait till that North Sea oil saves our ass!

A Romantic View Of History http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_n-njTteDnPw/RgzPAxutVJI/AAAAAAAAAak/_PjuKgEEHQs/s400/reagan-thatcher.jpg

Pence also entertained the crowd with a musty Ronald Reagan yarn, one where Reagan encountered a magic pipe-fitter.  This proto Joe The Plumber begged Reagan to save tax cuts for the rich, so guys like him could be hired by them.  Pence has trotted out the tale of this wondrous encounter at least twice going back to 2005.

CPAC turned to Glen Beck for insane historical tales with a grain of truth.

Peeing all over John McCain’s myth of a muscular progressive Republican past, Beck rightly called Teddy Roosevelt an interventionist.

But calling Roosevelt a socialist is as insane as labeling Obama one.


Fakes, Frauds, & Founders

Behold These Goofs  National Tax Limitation Committee President Lew Uhler Poses with the Mount Vernon Statement and George Washington impersonator James Manship

Unable to stage signing the “Mount Vernon Statement” at, um, Mount Vernon, massed conservatives held their event instead at the swanky Collingwood Library & Museum, a former dinner theatre venue  on property   once owned by George Washington and now available for wedding rentals.

Mount Vernon wouldn’t let them hold a political event on its grounds, so the free marketeers turned to their weapon of choice, and hired a hall.

Fox did its ungrammatical best to hang onto that fresh Founding Fathers smell:

The signing ceremony is took place at a library that was part of George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate.

The New Nation/new grammar enthusiasm got the better of the Statement-os as well. Their classy yellow fake parchmentie web page recalls “selfevident truths.

Further bizarre historical analogies came in the Statement-os comparison of themselves to the signers of the Sharon Statement,  a storied conservative event held at William F. Buckley’s Connecticut estate sixty years ago.  What mileage they achieve from Eisenhower era ties to a dead pot-smoking Iraq war opponent is unclear.
No Pillars To Post http://media-2.web.britannica.com/eb-media/43/25243-004-D4B39CFE.jpg