Barack Obama: Escaping The Sleazy Relations Cashing In Syndrome?

Family Matters 

In dog that didn’t bark news, we’ve had no sightings of an Obama administration Rodham brother equivalent.

Or a Neil Bush lookalike.

But such is the volume of loose cash sloshing about the world that some of it is still, still available to the dimmest bulb of an out of power family.

When former President George W. Bush celebrates his finest hour this September 11, thoughts will naturally turn to other members of the Bush clan in exile.

Shifty Uncle Prescott has passed, Jeb Bush remains out of reach, brother Martin remains in the obscurity of the DC suburbs*, but good old Neil Bush is still out there, riding on a smile and a shoeshine.  National treasure Ken Silverstein has a great roundup of Neil’s post-Keating hustles on Salon.

Silverstein offers some hope that the arc of history does bend towards justice, or at least shrinking margins for evil. He reports Bush’s compensation for doing not much may be declining over time.

It’s getting tougher to be a fixer who can’t fix much.

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*For a slightly 911-trutherish tour of  Marvin’s picaresque business career see here.

After Mubarak, Who’s America’s Next Great Secret Good Guy?

As America’s stalwart Egyptian man-crush slinks into the shadows, can America ever love again?  Where will our search for love, strength and stability take us?Perhaps to the southwest shores of Africa, where an island glistens in the sun. Teodoro Obiang Nguema  =    Choice!    Thanks to whatever diplomatic pack-rat who gave Wikileaks its document trove, we know learn that a young Obama administration looked to move on from torture, bank fraud and general kleptocracy, turning a new page with the dynamic island [and chunk of shore] nation of Equatorial Guinea.”“It is time to abandon a moral narrative that has left us with a retrospective bias and an ambivalent approach to one of the most-promising success stories in the region.“ 

Nixon: Still Kicking

Especially Wack


They’ve had to surrender parts of the Nixon Presidential Library to ancient enemy the National Archives, they’ve seen their beloved Watergate exhibit trashed, but the Nixon bitter-enders still have some fight in them.

Coming Monday at the Nixon Library, the return of a particularly byzantine branch of the Nixon tree: a former Nixon aide claiming Watergate was but an elaborate scheme to install Teddy Kennedy as President, with a walk-on by youthful ingenue Hillary Clinton.

The details need not concern us here [trust me, it’s a stretch], it’s the spectacle of these lost battalions hoping against hope that over that next hill is the promised land.

It makes the Truman cult look normal by comparison.

The Nixonian event flogs a book which appeared in 2008 and promptly sank from view, the book’s blog remaining a dream unfulfilled.

If only they’d mobilized the awesome power of social media®!

Bill Clinton: Malaysian Malapropisms


                                                                             “This is what the world should be like”   -Bill Clinton

The Mrs. has a shiny new job, but Bill Clinton is enjoying a final moment in the sun, following his heart.  In this case his heart leading him to the unsavory regime in Malaysia, where he fell into his old bad habit of overpraising his “complicated” hosts.

Bill’s principal sponsors were the Petra Group and it’s largest shareholder, the Sekhar Foundation, whose dubious practices have attracted outrage from other shareholders and a lawsuit, since settled, by he-man actor Bruce Willis.

Clinton showered them with praise, and went on to embrace any and all powers in Malaysia, no matter how unattractive. The Indian and Chinese minority suppressing, Mongol mistress murdering Malaysian elite got to bathe in the former president’s warm assurance that they were serving humanity by their very existence.

 The Studs Terkel Of SE Asia?   clincon-malasia-red-socks.jpg

Clinton Opens The Gates

 Above & Beyond With Bill  clinton-one.JPG

Some details of Bill Clinton’s Library disclosure deal became public Saturday, a selfless offering to the nation his handlers were careful to get out.

The path to announcing Hillary Clinton’s odd role as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State Monday will be smoothed by Bill releasing the names of his heretofore secret Library and Clinton Foundation donors, “beyond the requirements of law” as someone thoughtfully told the New York Times.

And they did it for the Sunday paper, for the sake of discretion.

“The disclosure of Mr. Clinton’s full agreement on a Saturday night might have the effect of drawing less attention to it while keeping the focus Monday on Mrs. Clinton.”

There is at least one catch. Senator Clinton has to get past the Senate, and then the information pours forth.  “Most” of the disclosure “will become effective once Mrs. Clinton is confirmed.”

The Obama camp may get advanced word, but the rest of us have to wait until she’s in her new office.  Then the  nation and the media who enjoyed matching Senator Clinton’s White House schedule with Bill’s blowjobs will have at it.

Until then… clinton-zero.JPG