Nixon Floats!



A man dressed as former U.S. president Richard Nixon competes …

A man dressed as former U.S. president Richard Nixon competes ...

Halloween By The Shore

The Change He Needs

Obama Now One Of The Greats!

For decades, criminal geniuses have disguised themselves in the act, and an early 90s film from the Patrick Swayze ouvrier sparked a seemingly endless wave of robbers wearing masks of the great.  point-break-nixon-carter-reagan-johnson-expresidents.JPG

Now the current president has joined this proud line, with North Carolina gas station robber donning an Obama mask to do the deed.

Despite the crime wave, this is one of the least troubling parts of the Swayze legacy.  The the late actor was recently offered as an excuse for the multiple has-been-ed Jennifer Grey to appear on the last round up, “Dancing With The Stars.”

Dick Nixon To Kick Around Again!

Legends Of The Fall

It’s come to this: after being around for 20 years, the Nixon Library’s best spokesman defending the Nixon “legacy” is creationist fraudster and imaginary civil rights veteran Ben Stein.

The  celebration of 20 proud years is in the spirit of the man, with events featuring such 60s legends as Freddie “The Jew Counter” Malek.

The Library spent most of these years with no actual Nixon presidential documents. It’s been a place of song, myth, and wedding rentals,  staffed by the fervent few who still believe Nixon’s vindication will come, someday. celebrates Nixon’s Twenty Years Of Lustration.

Richard Nixon: The Masks Of State

Out Of The Past The

A Los Angeles area bank robber went with a proven formula recently, wearing a Richard Nixon mask while hitting two Encino banks.

The presidential salute dates to 1991’s film “Pointbreak,” in which matinee idol Patrick Swayze led a rough ‘n tumble band of masked surfer/bank-robbers, pursued by the always inert Keanu Reeves. Since then multiple banks have been held up by masked gunmen, with mixed results.

Like Old Times  point-break-nixon-carter-reagan-johnson-expresidents.JPG