Sarah Palin: Catching Up With The Reagan Legend

Diet Deficit Delight reagan-burger-mcdonalds.jpg

Sarah Palin continues rummaging around the Reagan legend cupboard, searching for a usable past.

She fished up a gem in her Thanksgiving day ramblings, quoting the voice from beyond that


all great change in America begins at the dinner table.”

What change did the master of folksy smarm propose back in those halcyon days?

His salute to domestic furniture’s decisive role immediately preceded a speech section where Reagan sought to mobilize today’s youth, calling on them to fink out their parents if insufficiently “American.”

…If your parents haven’t been teaching you what it means to be an American, let ’em know and nail ’em on it

What one American did to the American diet is clear: Reagan helped further degrade our already tenuous relation of food to nutrition.

The legend is true: Reagan’s administration tried to pass off delicious corn syrupy ketchup as a vegetable until laughed out of town. But they also killed studies of American’s diets, and abolished the office issuing diet and nutrition guidelines.

And Reagan was of course the Father of Frozen Food Day.

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