The Hills Are Alive

Let’s Play House reagan-doris-day-wedding-scene.JPG

In the course of reviewing the surprising amount of action a young Doris Day got in her Hollywood years, the author of “Doris Day: Reluctant Star” has America’s Girl Next Door bonking future president Ronald Reagan, her co-star in “The Winning Team.”

“The two would sneak off to his apartment high in the Hollywood Hills and make love while marvelling at the panoramic view below.

Those fearful this means Ronnie might have cheated on Nancy can take comfort in Day’s biographer’s claim that all the gazing and getting busy ceased with her 1951 marriage to Marty Melcher. Reagan’s Jane Wyman era ended in 1948 and he and the former Nancy Davis weren’t married until 1952.

Leaving a fair sized window for pre-presidential philandering without violating the sanctity of marriage.

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