Ronald Reagan, Loan Rider

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There is a special moment in every president’s life when the Saudi check for his presidential library arrives. But Ronald Reagan did better than that.

New Mideast tell-all A World of Trouble is packed with important revelations, but for our purposes the story that matters is about a man and a horse.  Or several. And a briefcase full of diamonds.

Author Patrick Tyler shows Ronald Reagan scheming to keep two horses given him by our gallant Saudi allies,  plotting with then [and current Bush] White House Counsel Fred Fielding to hide them on a neighbor’s ranch.  The law required the president to donate the horses to the public.

Tyler points to a previously published excerpt from Reagan’s diaries confirming the scheme:


Nancy  got $2 million dollars of diamonds, stashed at Harry Winston.

Reagan was endlessly photographed with his horse El Alamein,” which Reagan received while in office from distinguished side-burn wearer  reagan_y_lopez_portillo2.jpg and  Mexican President Jose Lopez Portillo.

reagan-on-el-alamein.jpg  How the horse was snuck past the lawyers is not known.

How all this squared with Reagan’s legendary rules to live by is also unknown.

Reagan kept several horses at the ranch stable. He made sure that the Secret Service horses ate from separate hay troughs, because he did not want American taxpayers paying for his own horses feed. “


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