Reagan: No More Tears

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Ronald Reagan’s birthday is Friday, and it would appear America’s love affair with the leathery matinee idol can only be sated by fawning tome reagan-god-and-cover.jpg after fawning tome reagan-hand-of-providence.jpg  on the cooing conservative.

reagan-tear-down-this-myth.jpg    But the only Reagan book you really need this year is Will Bunch’s Tear Down This Myth.   The Philadelphia blogger has become a national treasure simply by resurrecting Reagan Library Executive Director Duke Blackwood’s explanation that the restless spirits of the age led to the Reagan Library having no Iran-Contra material on display:

We’ve had it in. We’ve done many of the renovations and it was addressed. It’s out now and, at some point in time, we hope to bring it back. But again, that’s the fluidity of a museum. You can’t have the same thing, you know, for ten, fifteen, twenty years. You need to refresh.


Make Way For Tomorrow: Duke & Friends Fill Space reagan-nancy-duke-blackwood-laura-bush.jpg

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