Nixon Sucks?

The haunting resemblance of people, things, and geographic entities to Richard Nixon is much commented on, and the youngsters at Wandering Goblin have a new entry in the Nixon lookalike parade:

Nixon as Vampire 

But, as in so many things, Cuba was ahead of the curve on this one:  OSPAAAL 1972 -- Faces of Nixon by Alfredo Rostgaard


First In War, First In Peace, & Not On The Tip Of Sarah Palin’s Tongue 

Twenty-Twelve Dream Twixie Sarah Palin continues making the rounds of the Fox News Legends she now resides among, only to be caught out by Glen “I Know It When I See It” Beck, of all people.With the spunk and verve that have stunned America, Palin managed to fumble through answering history’s biggest softball:Who is your favorite Founding Father?

   The Secret Word Is “Washington”  

The Bush Library Connects The Dots

If You Build It They Will Come

Zoning officials have signed off on George W. Bush’s Presidential Library plunking parking lots right up against its northern neighbors, on a side of the Bush complex not shown in the lovely drawings the Library released.

The neighbors had complained, and University Park officials made noises about forcing changes in the plans. But at a meeting with no public participation they appear to have caved entirely to SMU’s threat of slapping dorms on the property.

Former first lady Laura Bush, flanked by Bush Library President Mark Langdale (left) and SMU President R. Gerald Turner (right), points out features of the design plans for the Bush Presidential Center. (PHOTO BY CHRIS DELL / THE DAILY MUSTANG)  The lots would be to Mrs. Bush’s right in this photo, the other side of the trees.

Apparently gone are the days when the Bush’s touted their  truly urban location,” and the Library was to anchor a “string of urban pearls” connected by mass transit.

University Parked bush-library-parking.JPG

George W. Bush Finds Guns & Butter

  Intellect, Humor and Sizable Weapons!

Wonkette reports exciting former chief executive news.

Beloved former President George W. Bush continues to refill the coffers, drained by years of dedicated public service, lifetime salary and expenses aside.

His latest moneymaker will be addressing the prestigious “Safari Club International Hunters Convention” in Northwest Nevada’s glam capital, Reno.

Your correspondent has actually been to the convention hotel, the fabulous Peppermill Casino & Resort,  and a more claustrophobic hell-scape of bad lighting, cheerless gambling and portly Americans cannot be imagined.

The Safarians are getting muy moderno for the occasion, tricking out their web site with proven link-bait like the “Top Ten [ageless comedy format]Reasons To Attend SCI’s Annual Hunters Convention.

Past Safarians have included Bush family favorite Dana Carvey, shown here last year appearing as Wayne’s World’s “Garth.” yes of course, chastened liberal Dennis Miller will be in town!

Liberal Bastion “Talking Points Memo” Goes Soft On Reagan Soft-Soaping


“It should be noted that this comic is neither a piece of Reagan sycophancy, nor is it political satire”  Talking Points Memo

Political Power: Ronald Reagan comic book



What’s with these guys? First the vaguely progressive Huffington Post faithfully reprints Associated Press’s recycling the disproved George W. Bush Jacket ‘n Tie fetish myth.

Now Talking Points Memo, with a staff that actually writes stuff, endorses a Ronald Reagan comic that’s kind of a mess.

TPM may not find the work sycophantic, but it’s certainly the product of  a sycophant.

Comic author Don Smith doesn’t fake the fawning. Did you know that, unlike some, Ronald Reagan “really loved this country.”

It’s true!

“I mean he constantly was saying, ‘The United States is a city set on a hill… He constantly would say, ‘The United States’ best days are still ahead.’ I mean that is amazing!

Smith’s command of facts amazes as well, managing to work wrong dates into the assassination attempt panels.

And Smith confidently applies the simple truths of the Reagan Era to our present difficulties, with a happy result:

Regarding radical Islam terrorism, I think his philosophy would be “We win, they lose,” just as it was regarding the Soviet Union back in the 80s. And frankly, that kind of moral clarity is desperately needed right now!“