Write Me When I’m Gone

Further emanations from the ghost of Gerald Ford. Or rather his publisher.

Hard to tell what exactly though. FlatSigned Press re-published the Warren Commission report two years ago with some later ad-ons from Ford. BULLETIN: OSWALD DID IT! It came in several versions, including the leather bound with a ribbon marker edition. For extra swank and to keep one foot in the conspiracy camp, you could order the boxed $889 version, containing “artifacts from the Oak Tree and White Picket Fence from the “Grassy Knoll!” ford-leather.jpg Classy!

Then in April this year they published still another edition, retitled ford-a-presidential-legacy-and-the-warren-commission.jpg “A Presidential Legacy and The Warren commission.” And lord only knows what’s in this one.

The breathless and way incoherent press release tries to hint at everything, then wanders off into dead ends.

“This week is the first ever anniversary since the passing of all members of the Warren Commission. The book, “A Presidential Legacy and The Warren Commission,” provides a new look into the mind of a former president in his final years and is the only source for Ford’s final written words in book format on the subject of the John F. Kennedy assassination, 9-11 and other major events of American history leading up to his death just months ago in December of 2006…A major retailer had negotiated for an exclusive offering of the hand- signed version of this book but later backed out fearing negative ramifications. So the American people heard this news because they heard it here.”

And more:

.” President Ford specifically and by name, debunked Oliver Stone’s theories and his movie and for the first time anywhere, gave us great information about how his brief administration and key figures he appointed then, still determine policy for the American people.”

How exactly did good old Gerry Ford fall in with these shysters?

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