Ousting Obama In Indonesia? Racist Crap Knows No Boundaries

 Barry Unfortunate 

AFP via TPM reports that the awesome power of social media is being mobilized by Indonesians unhappy with Jakarta’s statue commemorating Barack Obama’s childhood there.  And proud Americans are joining the fun!

An Indonesian Facebook group has 55,000 members, while their English language clones make do with  2000.

The magic of social media is that anyone may join, and do. But messages may get muddled in the churn.  The English site boasts the lovely monkey statue shown above, while some Indonesians focus on Obama and Israel.

Jack Ellis   Apparent non-Indonesian Jack Ellis provides a two-fer, joining denunciations of the Jakarta statue while vowing not to donate to Haiti relief, lest Obama get a statue there, eventually.

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  1. Barry Far Away at WWW.PRESIDENTS”R”US.COM wrote:

    […] disapproval of his wars.  Despite the latter, American Obama haters joined the fun, although their racist infested site no longer appears on […]

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