Nixon Wallows In Watergate

Oh, It’s Never Over

The Presidential Cryptologists at Flatsigned Press have pulled another one from the grave, recruiting the late Richard Nixon to hype a collection of Watergate recordings on cassette tapes, somehow missing the 8-track era entirely.

We last enjoyed Flatsigned’s antics when they surfaced something Kennedy conspiracy-ish allegedly signed by the also dead Gerald Ford. Fallout included a company lawsuit [still before the courts] against mangy hat-wearing racist Don Imus for mocking them while reading Flatsigned’s ad copy.

Flatsigned’s Chairman Tim Miller is presiding over a bankrupt company, but he’s found a new field of endeavor, billing himself as a “presidential historian” to such discerning media presences as Neil Cavuto  and leather queen Gordon Liddy.

Miller won’t stop at despoiling the dead.

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