Black History Month: Becoming A Grey Area?

It’s Confederates, For Kids! 

Spirited efforts continue to normalize Confederate President Jefferson Davis and graft him onto real Presidents Day, but now cracker apologists have raised their sights:

they are going after Black History Month.

Rickey Pittman has cranked out two soft-core black/Confederate books, and has managed to get into school Black History Month programs to promote them.

“Jim Limber Davis: A Black Orphan In The Confederate White House” Jim Limber Davis by Rickey Pittman: Book Cover  is about the literal poster child of Rebel apologists: surely Jefferson Davis couldn’t be all bad if he “adopted” an African American orphan?

And “Stonewall Jackson’s Black Sunday School”  Stonewall Jackson's Black Sunday School by Rickey Pittman: Book Cover seeks to show how dedicated the famed Confederate general was to the spiritual life of the people whose enslavement he fought to preserve.

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