Tear-down Torment: Veteran Reagan Critic Despairs Of Fighting Gipper Viscosity

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Its come to this: even the author of  an anti Ronald Reagan tome has switched from critique to searching for a usable Reagan past.

Will Bunch warmed the hearts of millions with his 2009 screed,  “Tear Down This Myth: How the Reagan Legacy Has Distorted Our Politics and Haunts Our Future.” Now, with 2011’s looming Reagan Centenary, Bunch is back with a paperback edition, and his sub-title throws in the towel.  Readers may now enjoy “Tear Down This Myth: The Right-Wing Distortion of the Reagan Legacy

Apparently discouraged after years of  pointing to ever more elaborate and endlessly repeated lies, myths and evasions,   Bunch seems to think he can embarrass Reagan cultists by pointing to gaps between present claims and Reagan’s practice.

What went wrong?

As it turned out, the inauguration of Barack Obama and the arrival of a large Democratic majority in Congress instead showed the limits of government in the face of this powerful philosophy that is loosely based on Reagan’s 1980s presidency but distorts or exaggerates the reality of much of what happened in those years.


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