The Devil or Ronald Reagan

               Yahweh Or No Way?  

A drive to rename the California’s Mount Diablo for Ronald Reagan has attracted only mockery, as nearby residents petition Contra County Supervisors opposing the change, and the inevitable Facebook page mobilizes the awesome power of social media to stop the devil hater’s plan.

God-fearing geography gadfly Arthur Mijares has tried to take out Diablo before.  In 2005 he pitched Reagan’s name, was told the late President hadn’t been gone long enough, and briefly substituted “Yahwey,” which was rejected.

Mijares appears outmatched in the online battle ahead.

According to the proponent, who provided a copy of the Wikipedia entry for President Reagan with his application, “The Commemorative Name (Mt. Reagan) speaks for itself.”

Or perhaps not.  The plucky SaveMountDiablo-istas  petition effort appears stalled at 17 out of the 50,000 names they set for their goal.

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